Milan is one of the most important cradles for Italian and international young talents. The lively and growing context of the city has made it extremely attractive for students and young workers.


High quality of life  

Milan is characterised by a very high quality of life, being an international, open and welcoming city, with an excellent offer of housing, education and services. Its favourable geographical position and excellent transportation infrastructures makes it a perfect gateway to most of EU capitals. On top of that, the Italian Government has implemented an extremely favourable and attractive tax regime, that can reduce personal taxable base up to 90%. 


Innovation Hub

With more than 2000 startups, Milan is a growing European hub, thriving innovation and attracting young talents from allover the world. 


Universities' ecosystem 

Every year, Milanese universities host around 200,000 students, out of which 20,000 are foreigners and score excellently in international rankings. In continental Europe, Politecnico di Milano ranks 1st for Arts & Design and 3rd  for Engineering and Technology, Bocconi University ranks 1st for Social Sciences and Management, and Università “Statale” di Milano ranks 7th for Pharmacy and Pharmacology (QS rankings, 2019).


Finding talents in Milano

Milanese universities both attract and nurture young talents, who are then assisted in their job search. There are several platforms and initiatives where companies and talents can meet and network. Universities career services provide job platforms and organize job fairs on a yearly basis.


On top of that, the job market in Milan is very well digitalized in terms of networking opportunities. Companies willing to enrich their teams with new talents have the possibility to use global and local recruitment services websites and apps, as well as National and International Recruitment agencies. Moreover, the Municipality of Milan is one of the Partners of “Job Meeting Milano”, a job recruiting fair organized by CESOP - HR consulting Company every year since 2001. 


Find out all about the job portals and fairs provided by Universities in Milan. Ease your possibilities to get in touch with graduate and undergraduate students, find out how to publish job and internship offers on Universities' Job Portals and meet the perfect talent for your Business!