Museo Studio Francesco Messina: accessibility

Museo Studio Francesco Messina
Via San Sisto, 4 20123

How to get there by public transport
Tram 2, 3 e 14. For more information on ATM public transport, please visit:


Cars can be parked on the blue lines in Piazza Mentana.
For more information on traffic and where to park, please visit:


The entrance has 1 step (h 11 cm) and two consecutive doors, the first with a double panel (82 cm each) and the second with an 86 cm single panel.


Information for visitors
Entrance is free of charge for visitors with disabilities and those accompanying them.
Special educational visits for schools and guided tours are available by reservation.


There's a bookshop in the entrance hall (counter height 102 cm).
The museum staff can provide information and assistance.


Exhibition layout
Opened in 1974, the Municipal Francesco Messina Studio Museum is housed in the deconsecrated old church of San Sisto. The Sicilian artist, who adopted Milan as his home, wanted to have some of his works kept in Milan.
The museum, which displays around eighty sculptures (in plaster, multicoloured terracotta, bronze and wax) and thirty graphic works (lithographs, pastels, watercolours and pencil drawings), has three exhibition floors (-1, 0 and 1), connected to each other by 3 consecutive sets of 7 steps (h 13 cm). The artist's studio is on the first floor.


Bathroom facilities
The bathroom, situated at the back of the ground floor hall, is reached by 3 non-consecutive steps (h 13 cm) and a 63 cm wide opening, and has the following specifications:

  • 73 cm wide hinged door
  • washbasin (space in front 134 cm)
  • floor-mounted WC (h 42 cm, 62 cm space to the right and 20 cm to the left, space in front 137 cm)
  • clearly visible toilet signs at eye height, medium to large character sizes



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