How to get there by public transport 
By tram: 2, 3, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 24. By underground: M1 and M3 lines (Duomo stop).
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Palazzo Reale is located in a pedestrian area within walking distance from the Duomo. It is possible to park in an underground garage in Piazza Diaz or on the blue lines in the adjacent streets; in via Pecorari, in piazza Diaz and in piazza Fontana there are three parking spaces reserved for disabled parking permit holders.
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Information for visitors
Audio headphones and radio headphones are available for guided visits.
Disabled visitors can get special discounts on tickets, audio guide included (where applicable). If needed, the disabled visitor can bring a companion free of charge. Two manual wheelchairs are available.
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Access to the exhibition halls, to the right of the entrance, is by a ramp (slope of 5%) and by a double leaf door (144 cm).


In the hall on the ground floor there are:

  • a ticket office (counter height: 120 cm)
  • a cloakroom (counter height: 100 cm).

On the first floor there are:

  • a ticket office (counter height: 120 cm)
  • the bookshop (counter height: 90 cm).


 Exhibition itinerary
Palazzo Reale is the venue for numerous and important temporary exhibitions and the venue for the Museo della Reggia, designed as a tour through the four great seasons in the history of the royal palace.
Generally, the exhibition on the ground floor have a circular path and the rooms have no obstacles for the internal mobility.
To visit the exhibitions on the first floor it is necessary to cross the inner courtyard (cobbled with paved paths) and climb the 53 steps (14 cm each, banister on the right) of the Scalone d'Onore by Piermarini. After overcoming a double-leaf door (80 cm each), you reach the ticket office. To avoid the Scalone d'Onore, people with disability can use a lift.
The rooms on the first floor are wide and accessible with seats (seat height: 41 cm).


The lift that links the ground floor to the first floor is in the courtyard on the right of the entrance and can be accessed by a ramp (slope of 14%). It has the following features:

  • door width: 109 cm; cabin inner space 130x244 cm,
  • push buttons panel with embossed Braille, grab bars on both sides.

Once out of the lift on the first floor, you overcome two consecutive fire doors (94 cm and 104 cm respectively). Then you cross an area taking you to the Sala del Centrotavola”. From here, after crossing the renovated rooms of the Reggia, you reach the ticket office.


The restrooms equipped for people with disability are on the ground floor (at the side of the Scalone d'Onore) and  three on the first floor (two at the side of the lift). The restrooms near the lift have the following features:

  • door width: 91 cm,
  • floor-standing toilet (clear floor area: in front: 128 cm, to the right side: 150 cm, to the left side: 57 cm, grab bar on the right).


The restroom near the exhibition hall 143 has the following features:

  • door width: 86 cm,
  • floor-standing toilet (clear floor space: in front: 202 cm; to the right side: 26 cm; to the left side: 123 cm; vertical grab bars on both sides).





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