Parco Papa Giovanni Paolo II (ex Parco delle Basiliche): accessibility

Parco Papa Giovanni Paolo II (ex Parco delle Basiliche)
via Molino delle Armi

How to get there by public transport
Tram 2, 3, 14, bus 94. 
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Coming from the Basilica di San Lorenzo it is possible to park on the blue lines along via San Vito; there are also two parking spaces reserved for people with permit for citizens with disability in via Urbano III. It is possible to park in via Santa Croce on the blue lines. 
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The various entrances do not present obstacles and the paths are in even pave. 


The Parco delle Basiliche was planned after the postwar period as an archaeological stroll amongst the churches of San Lorenzo and Sant'Eustorgio, the columns of San Lorenzo and the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre, which stands on the left-hand side of corso Porta Ticinese.
The Parco delle Basiliche has an elongated shape and in the center is crossed by via Molino delle Armi. There is a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights about 50 metres from the gates, with a brief section in pavé (stone block paving, but not as rough as cobbles).
Each path has benches. There are fenced play areas and fenced areas for dogs.