Milano Foodtech industry combines innovative digital technologies with the tradition of the Mediterranean diet and Italian food excellences. 


Environmental sustainability and well-being are at the core of our ecosystem.  


In 2015 Milano hosted the World Expo 2015 themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, raising awareness on environmental sustainability, innovation, energy and resource saving to ensure a shared well-being and food safety at the global level. Today the exhibition site has been converted in a unique innovation district - MIND specialized in life sciences and advanced nutricion.


Our region ranks first in Italy for agricultural production and hosts 33% of the Foodtech startups, 76 PDO and PGI certified food products. Milan, with 931,000 cultivated hectares and one of the most competitive EU cities for ICT, is also the center of the Italian Fintech community. This is how for instance a significant local food expenditure per family of € 475/month (+3,9% vs. Italy), resulted in a great spread of food delivery platforms.


The city Food Policy Plan rules innovative actions for food waste, school meals, traceability and accessibility of food supply. 


Private players are investing significantly in the sector: Talent Garden inaugurated in 2019 the city's first campus dedicated to foodtech and sustainability; Deloitte has opened its global FoodTech Accelerator and Plug and Play duplicated its San Francisco-based FoodTech Accelerator in the city.

Accelerators and competence centers

  • FoodTech Accelerator


The Milano-based food tech accelerator selects 10 startups per year and builds industrial pilot projects in tandem with their corporate partners’ needs. The 15-week program offers expert mentoring, progress from ideation to validation and growth, and requires no equity or payment. The programme also connects startups to up to 1 M€ in follow-on already committed investments.


  • MIND - Milano Innovation District


Hub of global excellence for companies, scientists and researchers. Includes the “Human  Technopole”, “Science for Life” the Università di Milano (Statale) campus, Institute for Treatment and Research Healthcare Center (IRCSS Galeazzi) and a Social Innovation HubLab.


  • Plug and Play Food Tech Accelerator


PlugandPlay is an accelerator as well as a corporate innovation consultancy and has an in-house venture capital fund. With a no-equity model, PlugandPlay runs more than 60 accelerator programmes across the world, providing corporate innovation, networking, mentoring and funding opportunities to startups.

The Italian arm of Plug and Play is based in Milano and accelerates food tech, sustainability and fintech startups with two 3-month programs twice a year.


  • TAG - Talent Garden

Located inside the Campus Milano Isola, it is the first co-working space entirely dedicated to Food-Tech and sustainability. 2,000 m2, around 200 workstations, 2 classrooms for the Innovation School, and over 30 settled startups.


  • Osservatorio Smart Agrifood

Powered by the Polytechnic of Milano. Focus on digital innovations (processes,  infrastructures, HW and SW) which are currently transforming the supply chain supporting a favourable ecosystem of inteconnected competences.