FoodTech Accelerator - Discover the 7 startups selected

On February 18th, the Food Tech Accelerator powered by Deloitte Officine Innovazione presented the 7 international startups chosen among over 600 applicants which will participate in the 3rd edition of the program. The FoodTech Accelerator is a 15-week initiative in collaboration with main Food corporations (Amadori, Cereal Docks, CIRFOOD and EPTA) and supported by investment partners such as Innogest, Digital Magics e Italian Angels for Growth.

During the past 3 years, 24 promising startups took part in the program, raising over € 72 mln of investments.

The 7 startups selected for the 2021 edition come from the United States, China, Italy, Switzerland and Iceland, and have passed a competitive 3-phase selection process. They will work to develop their pilot projects into concrete ventures together with the corporate partners. Among the goals: the definition of go-to-market strategies, business internationalisation, industrial scale-up plans and products development.  

7 are also the emerging trends protagonist of this batch: agritech, disruptive food & alternative beverages, food as medicine, quality & food safety, automated commerce, midstream technologies, innovative packaging.

The acceleration program will culminate in a DemoDay in June 2021, when startups will present the outcomes of their pilot projects to the innovation ecosystem and the investors community.

The selected startups

  • Bifree. Italian startup (Gerbaldo Polimeri’s group) which has developed a technology applicable to any polymer and allows to obtain bactericidal-free sanitizing products. The product is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and suitable for contact with food, as well as compliant with REACH European Standards. 


  • Cloudpick. Chinese startup specialized in smart retail solutions based on AI. Using computer vision and multi-sensor integrated technologies, Cloudpick has patented a behaviour recognition engine which offers a "Grab & Go" customer experience.


  • Ecorobotix. Swiss startup which developed an autonomous electric robot able to detect weed and target it with a precise herbicide jet. In this way, chemical weeding becomes more efficient and sustainable.


  • Harg. Italian startup which developed a broad range of lyophilized food products ready for rehydratation aimed at meeting the needs of people affected by dysphagia. The product range differs from the competitors’ for the high protein intake and the over 50 country-specific flavours.


  • MIPU. Italian startup active in the predictive maintenance business, it identifies inefficiencies and human errors providing accurate predictive models combined with a solid knowledge of the domain in order to support factories and facilities managers reducing waste and improving performances. 


  • SnapDNA. American startup featuring a molecular detection technology  able to meet the highest standards of food safety, comparable, to the most sophisticated laboratory tests. Their ultra-fast automated system allows to perform on-site detection tests of Listeria spp. through a  20-minute qualitative analysis.


  • ThorIce. Icelandic startup which provides a fast-cooling solution for poultry products directly  during their processing, ensuring better meat preservation methods.


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