MIND FoodS Hub is the competence center entirely dedicated to boost food knowledge and create infrastructures for the study of the Food system as a strategic asset for the city. Through multidisciplinary skills it promotes agri-food research as an engine for innovation, development and social responsibility.


Located inside MIND "Milano Innovation District", the hub brings together synergic excellences of research bodies and private world top-players in the agri-food and related sectors.


The hub credo is that promoting food quality within balanced and sustainable diets truly represents an effective tool to prevent chronic diseases as well as a start point to further improve the supply chain, create new opportunities, reduce environmental impact and preserve biodiversity


Food production is analysed and targeted towards nutritional improvement to cover consumer needs and evaluated for its lasting impacts on civil society. The presence of living labs gives citizens, researchers and experts the possibility to experiment the advantages of smart technologies first hand.


Main Pillars

MIND FoodS Hub will mainly work on the following pillars:


  • Implementation of vegetable pilots and advanced agronomic practises for on field and vertical farming;

  • development of a pilot infrastructure including intelligent devices/sensors, edge processors, 5G communication network and cloud computing architectures;

  • creation of an interconnected platforms for advanced products multi-omics characterization but also sensory and functional validation in-vitro and in-vivo; 

  • demonstration of nutritional and health impact of enhanced foods, nutraceuticals and dietary patterns in target groups of consumers;

  • validation of the food system concept through applications in business cases; 

  • project dissemination at scientific and industry level, promotion of awareness and empowerment of citizens.

The Project

The initiative is mainly funded by Lombardy Region through the call "Reasearch&Innovation Hub" to promote R&D projects in the agrifood industry as an engine for innovation, development, and social responsibility at the international level.


The aim is to build infrastructures and skills for the development of an innovative concept aimed at the identification, production and sustainable transformation of plant products and derivatives with excellent nutritional profile, as well as their functional validation, to boost Lombardy's know-how for the benefit of its businesses, consumers and stakeholders.

Main partners

Arexpo, Università degli Studi di Milano, Agricola Moderna, Indena, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Molino Filippini, Tecnoalimenti, TIM.



Coordinator: Matteo Pirovano (matteo.pirovano@arexpo.it)

Scientific Responsible: Patrizia Riso (patrizia.riso@unimi.it)