Simbiosi - Innovation Center Giulio Natta

Located in Giussago (PV), 40 minutes by Milano city center, Simbiosi with its Innovation Center is an incubator of competences and the first biodiversity laboratory in Italy dedicated to Nobel prize Giulio Natta. 

Formally founded in 2022, on the footsteps of NeoruraleHub, after 25 years of re-naturalization experiments performed since 1996 which drastically increased biodiversity levels (>1 mln trees planted to date), it is now a more than 500 hectares space where innovative and sustainable solutions for the food supply chain are developed. 


The main pillars are regenerative agriculture, resources and energy saving, and circular economy, specifically addressed in relation to the needs of industry, metropolitan areas and their residents. Simbiosi provides solutions to create a living, thriving and biodiverse ecosystem to improve the quality of life and value of agricultural suburbs, turning their mission from food producers to the ecosystem and environment service providers for the surrounding cities, making it the first “Environment Producer’’.

It develops, designs and manages patented solutions and products for its customers also through its incubated start-ups portfolio and innovative companies of its Innovation Center’s network.