The voice is the most natural musical instrument that exists. It is an extraordinary vehicle through which to convey your emotions and amplify expressive potentialities. Singing together, furthermore, means learning to listen and listen to others: for this reason choral activities serve not only to enhance the individual artistic talent, but also to generate a strong spirit of aggregation.


In the wake of these considerations, Accademia Teatro alla Scala promotes the free project "La Scala fa scuola. Un Coro in Città" which, during the school year 2019-2020, will lead to the creation of dedicated workshops in 10 schools in Milano, in order to create as many Choirs of White Voices.


The didactic offer aims on the one hand to promote and disseminate musical education in schools, on the other, to promote growth opportunities in the various regions of the Lombardy capital, including the most peripheral areas, through the direct contribution of highly qualified teachers.


The Educational Institutions involved are listed below: Istituto Ciresola (Via Padova), Istituto Arcadia (Gratosoglio), Istituto Narcisi (Giambellino), Istituto Via Maffucci (Maciachini), Istituto Val Lagarina (Quarto Oggiaro), Istituto Sorelle Agazzi (Comasina), Istituto Bruno Munari (San Siro – Baggio), Istituto Sottocorno (Mecenate), Istituto Sandro Pertini (Greco – Bicocca) e Istituto Tommaso Grossi (Corvetto).


The initiative will culminate with a great final concert scheduled at Teatro alla Scala on 31 May 2020. On that occasion, the Choirs created in the selected schools will join the Choir of White Voices of the Academy. The whole project, in the meantime, will be studied and monitored through a research conducted by two scholarship holders of the Master in Performing Arts Management of the Accademia, which will analyse the results to assess its future sustainability and replicability.