Milano is the city where foreign vogues first come to Italy and inspire our fashion, food, art, music, design, furniture and sport styles!
Let's go and find hidden sports in Milano that you wouldn't easily practice elsewhere.


#1. Kitesurf

Where: Idroscalo, Via Circonvallazione, 29,20090 Segrate (MI).
Idroscalo is an artificial lake in Milano originally constructed as a seaplane airport. Today it is the main recreational area for watersport facilities.
Teleski (a kind of ski lift on the water)
in Via Edmondo de Amicis, 6 20090 Buccinasco (MI), will enable you to practice kitesurfing and wakeboarding as if you were at Waikiki Beach.


#2. Climbing

Being located in the middle of a huge valley, Milano is naturally climb free. That’s why the Milanese passioned about climbing adopted indoor climbing.
Where: “Rockspot” in via Fantoli 15 (Metro 1 Gambara), “Manga Climbing” in via Privata Giovanni Livraghi 25, (Metro 1 Villa San Giovanni), and Passaggio Obbligato in via degli Imbriani 17 (Passante Ferroviario Bovisa).


#3. Skating

If you love to surf cities on your skate, don't miss the Milano 24/7 free skatepark of Parco Lambro (Udine metro station) and the legendary "MC" in Piazza Duca D'Aosta (Central Metro Station).
Other skaters' spots can be found in the Lambrate station underpass (FS/MM2), or the underway of Scuola Media Monteverdi in Via Vittorio Colonna, the open air of Piazza Piemonte or Piazza Bicocca (station FS Greco-Pirelli) and the skateparks of Idroscalo Lampugnano and via Savona.


#4. Parkour

PARKOUR and FREE RUNNING are urban disciplines born in France at the beginning of the 80's, mainly consisting in overcoming any kind of obstacle, within a route, adapting your body to the surrounding environment (cit. CUS Milano).
Where: Piazza Duca d'Aosta or Piazza Gae Aulenti (Central Metro Station). The Milanmonkeys is the largest and most solid group of parkours in Milano and offers courses at the Total Natural Training Centre, in via Val Maira 23 (Niguarda metro station).


#5. Cricket

Where: “Campo Italtel” - Settimo Milanese, in Via Reiss Romoli. There are two official teams of the city: the Milano Cricket Club, and the Milano Kingsgrove Cricket Club.


#7. Badminton

Where: The “PalaBadminton” in via Giovanni Cimabue 24 (QT8 metro station) is the main training spot of the Italian Badminton Federation.


#8. Fishing

If you like nature, you can consider to visit Milano surroundings and get your own dinner! The neighbouring towns of Basiglio, or at Laghetto Azzurro in Peschiera Borromeo, are equipped with quarries for fishing. Fishing is also allowed at the canal in the Parco delle Cave, Baggio, one of the outskirt districts of the city.


#9. Minigolf

Where: Minigolf "Adventure Golf” in via Corelli 138 and the Citygolf in San Siro, Piazzale dello Sport 12 (M5 San Siro Ippodromo) are the most central spots to practice this sport. If you’re looking for the poshest clubs, however we suggest you to experience the camps in Zoate (south of Milano). If you want to play at golf the best location is Golf Club Milano, Viale Mulini S.Giorgio 7, 20052 Parco Reale di Monza.

A wonderful and elegant golf club inside the park of the Royal Villa of Monza.

#10. Bowls

The city boasts a number of historical clubs and outdoor lanes, such as the “Circolo Bocciofilo Caccialanza” in via Padova 91 (Metro 2 Udine). The most fashionable places are the lane in the courtyard of the fancy restaurant “U Barba” in via Pier Candido Decembrio 33 (Metro 3 Lodi), the one the dance club “Balera dell'Ortica” in via G.A.Amadeo 78, the “Nuova Bocciofila Montevideo” in via Tortona (Metro 2 Porta Genova) and Bocce Morgagni in via Giovanni Battista Morgagni (Metro 1 Lima).


#11. Bowling

Where: “Loreto Bowling” in Cavezzali Street 9 (Metro 1 Turro) and the “Flowers Bowling” in Famagosta (Famagosta Metro Station).


#12. Curling

The reference point for everybody who want to play curling in Milano is “Palazzo del Ghiaccio” in Sesto San Giovanni (Metro 1 Sesto San Giovanni). In Sesto San Giovanni, in Piazza 1° Maggio (Metro 1 Sesto 1 Maggio), the “Jass Curling Club” organizes curling courses from October to April-May to learn the basics and techniques of this winter sport.


#13. Ice skating

Round at indoor tracks are open in every season of the year at the “Agora”, via dei Ciclamini, 23 - Primaticcio, the Palasesto  (Sesto San Giovanni metro station), the “Forum” (Assago metro station), the “Quanta Club” in via Assietta, 19 (Affori FN metro stop). If you want to play open air ice skating, take advantage of the winter installations at the Palazzo della Regione or at the Gardens in Via Palestro (Metro 1 Palestro) or even on top of some roofs of Milano.


#14. Rollerblade

They were fashionable during the '90s, but they are still on.
Where: at the Multisport area at Idroscalo, via circonvallazione est 11, Segrate. During the summer you can enjoy skating everywhere on the city :) "