Bocconi University sixth in the world for finance

According to the Financial Times

Bocconi University earns a position in the 2021 FT rankings, becoming the 6th best Master of Finance in the world.

The fact that Finance graduates all have a job three months after graduation and that three years after graduation they see their salaries increase by more than 2/3 on average is part of the reason why Bocconi exceled. The Bocconi University Master of Science in Finance, a graduate program, is directed by Cesare Conti of the Department of Finance.


FT Rankings

The FT rankings are compiled by the Financial Times based on 19 criteria, including data provided by schools and alumni assessments. Among the evaluation criteria, the placement of graduates and the subsequent improvement of salary and career, the international experience of students during the two-year period of studies and the diversity of the program, in terms of gender and nationality of students and faculty. Most graduates end up working in financial firms and supervisory agencies.

"The Financial Times ranking is certainly the most prestigious and competitive ranking in the world - says the Bocconi Dean for International Affairs, Stefano Caselli, who oversees the rankings for the Milanese University - and the consolidation of the position in the leading group is an indicator of the excellence of the MSc in Finance, thanks to a unique mix in terms of the ability to attract the best talents at an international level, to guarantee an effective learning experience thanks to the quality of the Faculty and enable successful placement in job positions in financial markets and institutions".