With reference to the evolution of the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 disease, the Prime Minister has issued an ordinance applicable to all Italy that stipulates an entry and exit ban from the city where the citizen is, except for valid work, necessity or health reasons.


Please see updated information below.

What should I do if I live or if I’m in Milano?

All persons present in Italy are strongly requested to:


  • stay at home
  • avoid all travel except for health and business needs or reasons of necessity (such as grocery shopping or going to the chemist). If you need to travel it is obligatory to carry a valid self-certification form with you. A false declaration is a criminal offense. You can find it here
  • it is absolutely forbidden to travel to a municipality other than that in which you are residing - by means of both public and private transport - except for certified reasons of work, health or absolute urgency
  • keep at least one metre away from other people and avoid all crowded places. The ban on gathering in public spaces or in places open to the public is still in force
  • wash your hands frequently
  • persons with a fever higher than 37.5° are strongly recommended to stay at home and limit all social contacts as much as possible and to inform their doctor
  • those subjected to quarantine or who have tested positive for the virus are absolutely forbidden to leave home 


All accommodation facilities are closed.

Are museums and art venues open?

All museums, exhibitions and art venues are closed until further notice. Check the official websites for the detailed info.


Lots of museums are organising activities on their social media pages to entice followers to tour the collections virtually. Please visit the museum websites for further information on the initiatives.

Are theatres, cinemas and concert venues open?

All theatres (including the Teatro alla Scala) and cinemas are closed pending further authorisation.


Concerts are either cancelled or postponed: for further information please contact the venue or the sales point where you purchased the entrance tickets.


Lots of theatres, companies and orchestras are organising activities on their social media pages to entice followers to enjoy their events virtually. Please visit the websites for further information on the initiatives.

Are the churches open?

Churches are closed to tourists but they will be open for the faithful for private prayer until further notice from the appropriate authorities. No religious functions of any type will be celebrated but entry is allowed: visitors must maintain a 1-metre distance from other people present and must avoiding gatherings.


The DuomoSanta Maria delle Grazie, Sant’Ambrogio and the other most important churches in the city are accessible for personal prayer.


San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore is closed.

Is public transport still operating?



The Atm public transport service is currently operating across the entire network. The Milanese Transport Company provides constantly updated information on the dedicated page on the official ATM website, as well as on the app and on their Twitter account.

ATM is carrying out deep cleaning on all vehicles in circulation on a daily basis; however, in view of the current crisis situation, all passengers are requested to collaborate by respecting the few indispensable rules on prevention.



Due to the significant decrease in passengers, and in order to facilitate the sanitization of trains, Trenord will modify the transport service on the active sections of the network and the scheduled timetable will be reduced. 
All information on the restrictions will be available on the pages of each route on the trenord.it website and on the Trenord App, as well as in the individual stations. 


The High Velocity travel services provided by Trenitalia will be modified, all updated information can be found on the official website.


ITALO Treno, There will be changes in the Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A. service. Detailed information can be found on the official ITALO website.



According to the provisions of the Decree issued by the Ministry of Transport, passenger air traffic will now only be directed to/from Milan Malpensa airport, with the temporary but complete closure of the Milan Linate airport to guarantee only emergency medical and/or organ donation transportation flights.

Passenger traffic will be concentrated in Terminal 2 of Milan Malpensa in order to minimize the number of persons and vehicles in operation, thus, ensuring and protecting public health. Furthermore, due to a significant reduction in the airport staff employed, the number of "contacts" and the associated risk of contagion will be limited.

All information can be found on the following link.


To reach the airport, Malpensa Express trains are operating only from Milano Centrale Station, not from Milano Cadorna Station. 


For all information on traveling abroad, please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


For all flight status updates please contact your airline.

Are the bars, restaurants and shops open?

Pharmacies, health shops, food stores, tobacconists and newsstands remain open provided they comply with the rule of no gatherings.


Banking, financial and insurance services remain operative in full compliance with current hygiene and health regulations.


Bars, pubs and restaurants are all closed, as are retail stores and personal services such as hairdressers and beauty salons.


Markets and shopping centres will also be closed (excluding food stores, pharmacies and health shops).

Can I do sport in Milano?

All group and individual outdoor sporting and physical activities are totally banned if not carried out in the vicinity of your own home.


Public access to parks, villas, playground areas and public gardens is strictly prohibited.


Sports events and competitions of all kinds and disciplines are postponed or cancelled in both public and private venues, including the football Serie A championship. 


All gyms, sports centres, swimming pools, swimming centres, spas, (excluding those providing essential services), dance schools, plus, cultural, social and leisure centres are temporarily closed to the public.