Exhibitions in Milano in 2020 and highlights 2021

PLEASE NOTICE: due to the COVID-19 lockdown, dates of exhibitions change. Please check the official websites for detailed info.


For the two-year period 2020 - 2021 the city of Milano has in store a programme of highly prestigious exhibitions, dedicated to art, history and culture, which will take the visitor by the hand and accompany him on an exciting journey made of colours, nuances, charm and beauty.

The Leonardo 500 programme, created for the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, continues: thanks to the enormous success of the exhibitions organized at the Castello Sforzesco and the reopening of the Sala delle Asse, it is extended until 19 April 2020.


A second theme that unites the 2020 exhibitions is "The talents of women": from visual arts to shows, from fashion to science, a journey that explores the world of women protagonists of culture and creative thinking.


There is no lack of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art and photography, to continue throughout the year the success of the public of Art Week and Photo Week.


Georges de La Tour, Mario Sironi and Magic Realism will be the protagonists at Palazzo Reale.


The Civic Museums will offer very different and interesting insights: on the Egyptian culture at the Archaeological Museum, at the Palazzo Morando the "Stile Milano" exhibition will be the protagonist, at the GAM the nineteenth-century story of the artist Vidovic, the Castello Sforzesco, in collaboration with the Louvre, opens the doors at an exhibition on Renaissance sculpture, the PAC explores the world of Japanese art.


2021 will see at Palazzo Reale the great exhibitions dedicated to Titian, Degas and Pop Art, while the PAC will host the personal exhibition of Yuri Ancarani.


Download the brochure and discover the complete programme.

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