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Going to the movies is one of the easiest pleasures to enjoy in life, a small daily luxury to enjoy comfortably sitting in an armchair, or sunk in the sofa, with a nice portion of Pop-Corn to snack on. To make up for the lack of all this at this time, three celebrated Milanese movie institutions have set up original digital streaming projects, easily available at home.

Cineteca di Milano

Cineteca di Milano has put part of its catalogue online, accessible for free - only registration is needed. There are more than 500 films in streaming, but the digital conversion process is in constant flux, and about twenty feature movies will be added every week. You can find masterpieces of Italian neorealism, great classics of American and French auteur cinema, but also documentaries and experimental films of more recent production. To keep up with the times, the virtual public can consult the weekly ranking of the most popular titles!

Fondazione Prada

Following this digital film-lover wave, from April 5 Fondazione Prada will make available in streaming the review Perfect Failures, conceived in cooperation with MUBI - the famous online streaming platform for auteur films. The project will be implemented through a new section of the Foundation’s official website, where unpublished materials, native content on the streaming experience, information on selected films and curiosities concerning the directors - from Billy Wilder to Kelly Reichardt - will be published. This opportunity will be really useful, not only to expand your film culture, but also to reflect on the ways and the instruments to do it.


Il Cinemino

Il Cinemino created an original project that combines the passion for cinema with the one for food: here then is the feature #famedicinema, video pills that explain ingredients, difficulty level and preparation time for recipes inspired by famous films. Let #Foodtherapy for movie lovers be!




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