Home delivery in your neighbourhood

Find local businesses in your neighborhood that deliver groceries to your home

Over 370 stores joined the “Spesa a domicilio” home delivery services list, collected, mapped and published by the Municipality of Milano to help citizens knowing the neighbourhood retailers equipped for home deliveries. 

The map provides contact details, payment and delivery methods with the relative costs or gratuity. Bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, detergent shops, pet shops, as well as restaurants, pizzerias and rotisseries 

See the "Milano Aiuta" website for the full list of shops and the Map 

Spesa a Domicilio is also avilable as an app "Spesa a Domicilio Milano Aiuta" in Apple App Store and Google Play Store (italian language)

The map on the app allows you to view the activities in your neighbourhood and also shows some information such as an address, contact details, payment and delivery methods.


  • allow Milanese citizens to purchase and receive necessities without leaving their homes;
  • avoid gatherings as much as possible and limit long lines at the shops of the large-scale retail trade;
  • enhance neighbourhood trade, understood as territorial protection and wealth of the neighbourhood.
  • The Map, constantly updated, was created in collaboration with the Nine Municipi of the City and Confcommercio Milano, with the support of the main Associations in the city.


Delivery operations must always be carried out in compliance with health and hygiene regulations for both packaging and transport activities, as required by law and Ministerial Decrees.

In particular, please note that whoever organizes the delivery activity - the same merchant or a so-called Platform - must prevent personal contacts at a distance of less than one meter at the time of delivery.

The use of disposable masks and gloves is recommended at the time of delivery. Under no circumstances should the delivery personnel enter the customer's home.

Have a look here for more info: https://www.comune.milano.it/aree-tematiche/servizi-sociali/milanoaiuta/spesa-a-domicilio