Interview with Sebastien Notre

The French artist based in Milan tells his story

Sebastien Notre is a French painter based in Milan. Class 1994, he started his artistic path in London, where he studied as a Fashion Designer at St. Martin’s School. He arrived later in Milan, when he realized his true art passion involved palette, paint brushes and colours.


He has been living for three years in the city of Navigli and Duomo, the city of risotto giallo and La Scala realizing contemporary art works - many of them exposed in the exhibition “Buy Me A Dog”, set in a private gallery in the city centre.



We have met Sebastien and we asked him how he lives in Milan. That’s what he told us.


Hi Sebastien, tell us more about you: who are you? Where do you come from?

Hello! I am Sebastien Notre and I come from Paris. 


How long have you been living in Milan?

I live in Milan since three years. 


What do you do in Milan?

I am a painter, I make contemporary art works.


When did your artistic path start?

I started my artistic life when I was very young. Actually I have always thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, but when I completed my studies I interrupted that path and I realized I wanted to become a painter.


Why have you chosen to live in Milan?

When I chose to live in Milan I was 22. I took this decision quite easily - I had a nice image of Italy, especially of Milan. I heard Milan was cool in a very positive trend. Currently I have lived here for three years and I think it is true. I find Milan more dynamic than Berlin for example. 


What are your special locations in Milan?

It could seem general, but I like the whole style of this city. I often look around and I love entrances of several buildings in town, some doors are little masterpiece of elegance.


Where do you go for breakfast? 

I like to go to Egalité and Pasticceria Liviana. There, I feel at home.


What is you favourite park?

I like Porta Venezia gardens


What is you inspired area?

No doubt. My inspired area is Chinatown. It is a district full of images, colours and people.


Where do you go for shopping?

I do shopping at street markets, like Papiniano or Bivio


Where do you bring your friends when they come to Milan?

I take my friends to Cimitero Monumentale. I think it is an open air museum.