First Milan Fintech Summit in December 2020

Fintech District and Business International launch the first digital event by the end of 2020

Milano restarts from the Fintech with a new event aimed at positioning the city internationally. Milan Fintech Summit is a new international meeting, organized by Fintech District and Business International, with the support of Milano&Partners and Italia Fintech

The first version of the event will be held digitally on December 10th 2020, while the first physical meeting is scheduled for October 4th-5th 2021.

The event

Business networking, fintech culture reinforcement, talent & investment attraction are the aims of the event, which will also be an opportunity to strengthen the ties between the innovation sector and the many incumbents, headquartered in the city. The event will host international experts and the most innovative companies. An opportunity to present new ideas and products and to foster open innovation.

Milano, Fintech's core

Milan Fintech Summit confirms the city's international role in the Fintech sector and it's a token of its continuous growth. 45% of Fintech firms operating in Italy are headquartered in Milan and the industry's revenues are growing at a 40% rate year on year. While the sector is still realtively young and rich in innovation - 60% of the companies are less than 5 years old, the ecosystem is showing signs of consolidation with 13% of the companies that are now Scale Ups.