Kiosks and chiringuitos to create a great holiday vibe

How to enjoy this summer in Milan

Lifesavers on the Milanese summer scenario, these outdoor eateries are perfect for a lunch break, a late-night snack or a thirst-quenching beer but, most importantly, they make you feel as though you’re on holiday in the city so… ditch the stress because there are lots of kiosks around Milano, especially near parks or in some of the smaller piazzas.


Check out our tips below.

Lunch breaks

An oasis of coolness to provide some welcome respite from the heat even during the day: place your order for some generous exotic fruit smoothies at the Fruit Of The Roby juice bar in Brera or, if you fancy tasting one of the best ice creams in Milano, head to the rear of Central Station, by the entrance to the Mortirolo underpass, to check out the Antica Gelateria Sartori kiosk that has been serving up delicious gelati since 1937 and is now listed as one of Milan’s Historical Bottegas; in addition to its famous ice creams it is also known for sublime Sicilian granitas, ‘imported’ by a talented staff member from Acireale, in Sicily, way back in the ‘70s.


Then set off to the Porta Romana area where you can’t miss the Giannasi kiosk centrally placed in Corso Lodi, renowned for its spit-roast chickens and typical cooked dishes to take away or to eat on the spot in the piazza; a Milanese institution since 1967 it has even been granted the city’s prestigious Ambrogino d’Oro civic merit award.


And, if you happen to be near the Castello Sforzesco, take a look at the Squadre di Calcio kiosk on the right-hand side of the entrance with, as the name suggests, a list of panini named after famous soccer teams and players. Facing it on the left is another food truck offering bizarre but delicious panini named after politicians: both are renowned for offering great snacks at good prices.

Street food or healthy food?

Satisfyingly tasty street food has become a go-to classic in Milano but some new entries are making a name for themselves with a healthier Californian vibe offering creative versions of the Hawaiian poke bowl, such as the Poke House recently opened on the Bocconi side of Parco Ravizza.


But panini and piadine wraps are still the all-time favourites and we’ve heard on the grapevine that Maradona in the Bocconi area is great for night owls (at any time of day) and Valeria’s kiosk in Porta Vittoria - fondly nicknamed Le Luride (Greasy Spoon diner) - is the place to be for affordable fried food and lip-smacking panini.

From aperitif to digestif

Had a hard day’s work and feel like chilling until sunset with a refreshing drink in an oasis? Do comfortable deckchairs and soft sofas with some music vibes appeal to you? Head straight to Tropical Island near the Bastioni area in Porta Venezia or seek some shade under the trees outside the Piazzetta Mentana chiringuito where you’ll probably find standing places only, but at least you’ll enjoy the cooling nebulizer fans. Or maybe restaurant tables in the shade with a view of the Naviglio, at Sugar in ripa di Porta Ticinese is more of your scene…


Then, what better way to end the evening than with a Milanese classic: a hugely refreshing slice of deliciously vibrant watermelon! Put the kiosk in piazzale Libia on your Summer-in-Milano list!