As the administrative procedures evolve under the ongoing outbreak, here are some of the latest news about travel documents, residence permits , national health system subscriptions and fiscal code requests.

According to Decree 17/3/2020 nr.18, as published on April 29th 2020all residence permits for study and work expired or due to expire between January 31st and July 31st 2020 have been extended until August 31st 2020 and so did the National health system subscriptions. Starting from this date, normal validity periods and procedures are back in force.

Please note: as the situation for travelling to Milano and Italy is constantly evolving, don't forget to stay tuned with the latest updates published on the official Questura, Police, Ministry of Interiors and Ministry of Foreign Affairs websites. 

See also this Focus by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Last updated 21.08.2020

Students Abroad Who Wish To Come Back

If you left Italy but are willing to return to Milano to resume your studies:

if your residence permit /permesso di soggiorno has expired, you must apply for a re-entry visa (art. 8 Regulation D.P.R. 394/99). The application should be submitted at the Italian Consulate of your country of origin. If your residence permit is still valid, there is no need to apply for a new visa.

Check out the latest updates on the Ministry of Interiors website.

Some Consulates are releasing a statement about the extension of the permits in case it is needed.

Students with expired residence permits, but who applied for renewal, will be able to return to Italy with the expired permit and the receipt of the renewal request issued by the post office:

  • without obtaining a re-entry visa in the event of a direct flight to Italy (without a stopover in another Schengen airport)
  • with a re-entry visa, if the return flight involves a stopover in another Schengen country
  • if the flight includes a stopover in an extra-Schengen airport, a re-entry visa may be required by the country of the stopover. Inquire with the airline company and/or the competent authorities.

If six months outside Italy have passed, students must request a re-entry visa. For example, If you decide to follow the first semester online and to return for the second semester, the re-entry visa must be requested. Re-entry in Italy should take place within six months from the date of issue of the re-entry visa.


If you come from outside Europe

A temporary ban on entry from these countries is still in force, except for EU citizens (who have to quarantine)

  • Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic 
  • Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia
  • Colombia 

Apart from countries at risk under a temporary travel ban, entry into Italy from non-EU states and / or outside the Schengen agreement continues to be allowed, with an obligation to declare the reason, only for:

  • proven working needs of absolute urgency
  • health reasons
  • proven reasons for study

Fill in and keep at hand the self-certification form about the reasons for travel available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Focus page on travel to Italy

Entry into the national territory of third-country nationals residing in the following states and territories: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Rwanda, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay can be done without providing a reason (unless they come from or travelled in Countries with a  temporary travel ban).

However, there is the obligation of health surveillance and fiduciary isolation remains.



When Entry to Italy is not Allowed

Temporary ban for countries at risk

People who come from, have stayed or transited during the previous 14 days one of the following countries, are temporarily prohibited from entering Italy:

Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Kosovo, Kuwait, Macedonia North, Moldova, Montenegro, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Serbia.

The ban does not apply to Italian citizens, from an EU state, a country party to the Schengen agreement, the United Kingdom, Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of San Marino or the Vatican City State and their close family members (descendants and ascending cohabiting, spouse, part of a civil union, stable partner), provided that they are registered as resident in Italy by date prior to 9 July 2020.
(Order of the Minister of Health of 9 July 2020, Presidential Decree of 14 July 2020)

Other circumstances where entry to our country is not allowed:

  • diagnosis of positivity for Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to travel;
  • presence of only one of the symptoms relevant to COVID-19 in the 8 days preceding the trip:
  • fever ≥ 37.5 ° C 
  • cough 
  • respiratory difficulties
  • sudden loss of smell, loss or alteration of taste
  • cold or runny nose
  • sore throat
  • diarrhoea (especially in children)
  • close contact (e.g. less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes) with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in the 14 days preceding the trip.

Minstry of Foreign Affairs Focus on travel to Italy

Travelling from a European Country

Travel for any reason, including tourism, to and from the following states is freely permitted:

Member States of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Hungary; 

Non-EU States party to the Schengen Agreement: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland.

Other States included in the free circulation: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Andorra, Monaco Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State.

If you have been in any other State in the previous 14 days, you have to quarantine.

France, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain: the Minister of Health, with an Ordinance of 12 August 2020, in addition to what is already provided for EU countries, has established that those who enter/return to Italy from these countries (after a stay or even only transit) from 13 August and until further notice, must also:

a) present a statement that they have undergone a molecular or antigenic test carried out by means of a swab and a negative result within 72 hours before entering the national territory;


b) undergo a molecular or antigenic test; to be swabbed upon arrival at the airport, port, or border location (where possible) or within 48 hours of entering the national territory at the reference local health unit.

Persons who have stayed or transited in these four countries shall also communicate their entry into the Italian territory to the Prevention Department of the competent Health Authority.

See below more about the registration and swab.

Notice: On July 24, the Minister of Health signed an ordinance that requires to undergo the quarantine period for citizens who come from/have stayed in Romania and Bulgaria for the past 14 days.

Coronavirus mandatory registration and nasal swab testing in Milano

for travellers from France, Malta, Spain, Croatia and Greece

Travellers from France, Malta, Spain, Croatia and Greece must register with the local health authority.

Register here:

After registration,  if you did not do the swab in airport or before departing, you must book a swab test in the nearest hospital.

If you already did the test, thick the "Il tampone è già stato effettuato" field during registration and, send in a pdf file of the results at with your personal data, tax code, date and place where you took the test.

Coronavirus nasal swab testing at the Linate and Malpensa airports

for travellers from Malta, Spain, Croatia and Greece

Coronavirus nasal swab testing for travellers arriving at Milan Malpensa International Airport.

Passengers coming from / who visited France Malta, Spain, Croatia and Greece can undergo a nasal swab test at Linate and Malpensa Airports. 

At Malpensa you must book in advance through an online form.

See full details and schedules on the Malpensa Ariport website.

See full details and schedules on the Linate Airport website

Arrival to Italy & Quarantine

Upon arrival, is only allowed to do the route to go straight home or to the different domicile identified as the place of health surveillance and fiduciary isolation in the shortest possible time.

Use of public/shared transport is not permitted on this route, but car rental and taxi or chauffeur hire are permitted.

Once you reach the place you have chosen for the 14 days quarantine self-isolation period, you have to register to communicate your arrival.

There are four ways for registering:

- by emailing the ATS office:

Include in the e-mail:

  • your personal details
  • where are you arriving from
  • the address of the place where you will spend your self-isolation
  • what means of transportation did you use on your travel and to get to your place
  • your telephone numbers and your email address

- Or also, by filling in this form here (in Italian)

- by writing to or calling your General Practitioner;

- by calling the Lombardia region Covid-19 hotline 800 89 45 45;


During the 14 days quarantine period:

  • during self- isolation you have to measure and take note of your body temperature two times a day - morning and evening
  • you must limit as much as possible contacts with cohabitants trying to stay in different rooms, not sharing objects, wear a mask whenever possible.
  • If you share the house, all the occupants must stay home 14 days.
  • In case of symptoms similar to those of Coronavirus contact your doctor or the Lombardia region Covid-19 hotline 800 89 45 45
  • For other medical issues, contact your doctor by phone or, when the doctor is off, regional number 116117
  • Only in case of severe, or life-threatening symptoms call 112 

If you have to submit the application for Residence Permit, you can do so after the self-isolation period


a useful guide to quarantine (courtesy of PoliMi)

Home Delivery Online platforms

Neighbourhood Shops that deliver home

Supermarkets that deliver home


Tax Code & Revenue Agency operations

The Revenue Agency Branches are operating in back office and can be reached through e-mail.

Many operations can be made online through simplified procedures.

Getting the Tax code is possible via e-mail through the nearest Revenue Agency Office (Iook for the nearest of six offices, named "Ufficio Territoriale MILANO" and their number, 1 to 6) if you currently are in Milano.

For all incoming students that are still in their home country, unless your University can provide it for you,
the Tax Code has to be requested to the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. The same procedure applies to foreign professionals.

Normally, only once arrived in Italy Tax Code can be requested to the nearest Revenue Agency office. 

In this period the request can only be done by e-mail attaching the usual documentation and that the certificate of attribution of the tax code will be returned in the same way (it is to say via email). The e-mail addresses to be used are those of one of the 6 local offices in Milano. 

We specify that, just in the case you are already physically here in Milano you can do the request by email, not if you still are in your home contry.

Here below the email adresses of the 6 local offices:

Direzione Provinciale I di Milano - Ufficio territoriale Milano 1 email

Direzione Provinciale II di Milano - Ufficio territoriale 2 email

Direzione Provinciale II di Milano - Ufficio territoriale 3 email

Direzione Provinciale I di Milano - Ufficio territoriale 4 email

Direzione Provinciale I di Milano - Ufficio territoriale 5 email

Direzione Provinciale II di MILANO - Ufficio Territoriale MILANO 6 email

Here you can find the Tax Code request form 

You have to fill in the part B and D and sign with you name and surname.

Residence Permits

permessi di soggiorno

Appointments for the renewal of residence permits are working according to distancing and safety measures. 

Application Kits for application and renewal are available and can be submitted at Post offices. Be aware that waiting times for the procedure and the appointments may be longer than usual.

If you have to submit the application for Residence Permit, you can do so after the self-isolation period.

Police stations contact holders of permits already issued and assigning an appointment for collection: you may however see if your permit is ready on the Police website

International students are receiving registered mail indicating a new appointment for the collection of the permit.

Residence Permits Q&A

Thanks to the Questura- Immigration Office  in Milano and the universities we collected some Q&A that may help:

Question: If I have to undergo a self-isolation period of 14 days, how can I comply with the obligation to submit the application by 8 days?

Answer: You can submit the Residence permit application after the self-isolation period

Question: Unfortunately, many students are abroad and can not predict when it will be possible for them to return. How can they know about the new appointment? How can they collect the Permit if they miss the appointment?

Answer: In this case, students, upon their return (even if the appointment date for the withdrawal has been exceeded) can go directly to the same Police Headquarters where they deposited the fingerprints, and collect the residence permit.

In addition to the registered letter, the student should also receive an SMS message from the post office. The student can also consult the Immigration Portal using their tracing code to locate the Police Headquarters where the residence permit is located.

Please keep in touch with the one-stop-shop or the university if you still have to pick up your Residence permit, already issued.

Question: A Student had her permit expired on November, 2019, she submitted a renewal request on time but  she was unable to go to the fingerprinting appointment because it was scheduled during the lockdown, and she had already returned to the USA. What can she do?


 Answer: With the postal receipt of renewal request, she can return from the USA with a direct flight

National Public Health System

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, following the same rules for the extension of the Residence Permit, all subscriptions to National Health system were extended until August, 31th 2020 and should be renovated using the online portal .

If you have to apply for your first Voluntary registration, or register with your S1 form, you have to take an in-person appointment: send an email (write down your telephone number too) to the nearest office according to the Municipio where you reside: 

ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco Municipi 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 

ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda Municipio 9

ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo Municipi 5, 6, 7 

you'll be given a physical appointment at the scelta e revoca office to apply for it. Remember to include in the e-mail your personal data, tax code, and telephone number.
Or use the online form

For other requests,such as renewals, change of doctor, duplicates of health card, this web portal that has to be used .

See this article for the step-by-step procedures for enrlolling to the National Health System

The Registry Offices

If you need to request your ID card, or request your residence, you have to do that through the Milano registry offices.

They are reopening their offices, read more here.

More Help And Questions?

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