Malpensa, Terminal 1 reopens

More than 150 flights expected between arrivals and departures

On Monday, June 15, Terminal 1 of Milano Malpensa returns to operation with the closure of Terminal 2, the only airport infrastructure in Lombardy which has constantly guaranteed the connections for passengers and goods since March 16.
The reopening of Terminal 1 is currently necessary, due to the increase in the number of flights and passengers. From June 3, the airport has registered a slight recovery in traffic, which went from 3,000 passengers in the week April 6-12( -99.5% YoY) to 22.396 passengers in the week June 1-7(-96.9% YoY).
The airport expects the number of passengers to increase in the upcoming weeks, making the spaces inside terminal 1 more suitable to ensure the application of the safety rules and social distancing of at least one meter between passengers.
Malpensa Terminal 1 will be operational, in full compliance with the health regulations for passengers and airport operators and will be participating in the project launched by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the implementation and monitoring of the health measures developed by EASA and the authorities of the respective countries.

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