Milano most iconic cocktails

Three famous drinks invented in Milano to mix yourself

Milano is the capital of aperitivo.


This is a recognition the city wears on its head like a laurel oak crown. Even if history teaches Turin was the first city that has started experiencing elegant drinks, it is impossible not to remember how Milano sit in front of a counter called “futurist mixology” - in the 30's, this tendency has launched a trend which still lasts nowadays: “the aperitivo” (aperitif).


Over time all cocktails for aperitivo have multiplied. Bars have increased in numbers. Clients have intensified requests of special drinks. A lot of new cocktails have been invented. Currently among gin, mezcal and tequila, Milano does not stop experimenting.

Negroni Sbagliato

When the 60s arrived, cocktails were a luxury in Milano. People who could afford them attended all bars which currently are considered historic ones. Among magistrates, industrials and designers among its patrons, Bar Basso gave birth to a new cocktail recipe. Mirko Stocchetto, owner and barman, preparing a Negroni cocktail, mixed by mistake (per sbaglio) sparkling wine instead of gin with Campari Bitter and red vermouth, thus creating iconic Negroni Sbagliato.


Negroni Sbagliato recipe

1/3 spumante brut

1/3 red Vermouth (Carpano in origin)

1/3 Campari

Fill with ice and garnish with a slice of orange



Zucca lavorato "secco"

Verdi, Toscanini and Marinetti loved to sip a dry Zucca - “Zucca lavorato secco” before work at La Scala. Just ask for it at Camparino, a real bar-institution in Milano, with magnificent view in front of Duomo. The cocktail is based on Cent’erbe Zucca liquor, whose recipe is a well kept secret.


Zucca lavorato "secco" recipe 

Cent’erbe liquor Zucca (secret recipe)


Rabarbaro Zucca

Pour over crushed ice and fill with Soda

Garnish with an orange slice

Gin Rosa

Here it is possible to try a shakered Gin Rosa. If you decide to take a break sitting at counter or tables under the Gallery, .

Gin Rosa is a historical bar a few steps  from San Babila square, inside the San Babila gallery. The specialty is the omonimous product shakered Gin Rosa.


Shakered Gin Rosa recipe

Gin Rosa

Angostura (a tea spoon)

Shake with ice and strain

Garnish with orange peel



 Il Milanese

Signature cocktail dell’hotel Rosa Grand Milano – Starhotels Collezione

Signature cocktail dell’hotel Rosa Grand Milano, che si affaccia sulla storica Piazza Fontana, a pochi passi dal Duomo.

A base di Gin aromatizzato allo zafferano, Vermouth “Antica Formula” e uno sciroppo di zucchero con una nota di burro. Viene servito con bocconcino di vitello alla milanese,  ovvero un assaggio di cotoletta o con il famoso Club Sandwich, che il Corriere della Sera ha citato tra i migliori di Milano. 

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