Fashion, as we know, reads the time of the future. On days between summer and autumn, Milano opens the doors to the projection of the new season - “Spring summer 2020” - thus following the most sporty New York, then the unconventional London, and anticipating the magic tricks of the haute couture in Paris.


Milano has always shined for its elegant sobriety: it is recognized as the home of prêt-à-porter. This is evident when you think about the portability and modernity of the wardrobe that proposes. The city is buzzing with the arrival of fashion system workers. These people, often invisible, shake hands in facing a path of adrenaline solidarity: the final end is a show that can last, on average, only 10 minutes, but brings with it the creative and productive work of months. and should manifest all the magic of an idea that has been able to become reality.


But in a city, you can also breathe a mood that is that of those who really live it. In the maze of roads that cross it, Milano expresses its style through the details that distinguish each of us from the huge amount of people that every day moves in the metropolis to study, work, or for pleasure. Just think about the colors and fabrics that we notice in the crowd, the glowing accessory that captures our eye on the street, the bizarre outfit that we find courageous, but that perfectly suits who wears it, and - in a flash - disappears around the corner of a street.


Despite the constraints imposed by fast fashion (very tight “adaptation times” and a continuous need of updating) the street style is maybe the clearest expression of mortals’ ability to define their analog life time. After all, fashion, which seems to impose ephemeral and non-essential dictates, has always accompanied the historical passages of humanity. It describes precisely a place and an epoch, represents the bud of an evolution, and sometimes of a revolution (like the green one!). There is a growing awareness among consumers of ready-to-wear sustainability, as we partecipate more often in fashion “co-ed” shows, in which the gender distinction is annulled. Man and woman walk close on the catwalks, as often happens in life, in a fluid and democratic style, able to involve even the pets in a full perspective of coordination


In the great mix and match of ideas that can be observed walking around the City, some seem predominant. It can be said with certainty that there is a return to the '90s grunge, in a less dissident and violent version, typical of the “Nirvana era”. The final effect is softened by gentle details: the black loses its austerity; the high-waisted jeans, often torn, are decorated with rhinestones and glitter, and almost seem to follow a principle of symmetry. Funny colors and patterns move on details that stand out in the wider context of a monochrome look: hats, opalescent turbans and hairbands; handmade shoes; stockings that become a distinctive element and no longer hide under the trousers. The sportswear turns into new chic and is displayed in the streets, with a touch of fluo and claims in plain sight, to communicate to the world a particular state of mind. You can perceive all the melancholy of adolescence on the flower dressed girls who cannot give up the carelessness of summer. But why should the good season ever end? The dresses and light fabrics gracefully worn by Liv Tyler in “Stealing beauty” may overlap with oversized cardigans, the first heavier tights, amphibians and jeans jackets.


We also celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and the backpack returns overpoweringly must-have accessory. Businessmen do not carry suitcases anymore, but they move more easily, by bike or on the means, loading computers and documents on their shoulders.


Practical sense and elegance: career women use half-size heels or combine sneakers with elegant dresses, the cuts are linear and above all handcrafted. Office suits turn more towards preppy and less towards yuppy: bon ton is not simpering anymore, it seems almost comfortable. Globalization does not seem to have standardized groups of girls who take an aperitif and confide secrets, similar to the famous pocket aces - Carrie & Co. style - in the N.Y. at the turn of two centuries, able to glue to TV and to make entire female generations dream of glamour.


Seasonal colors multiply - in foods that it is genuine to consume as well as on people - the “burned” nuances allude to the colors of autumn: less acid and more opaque, leaf green, red and brown shine on the silks in soft shapes. Back to work and school in this climate that seems to leave a fresh scent, the so-called “magic realism”: a kind of pragmatism that leaves room for fantasy.


The black-grey leather or (more and more) eco-leather jackets cover more aggressive outfits or are defused by cowboy boots. The inevitable tartans of autumn seem to abandon the most chaotic check fantasies and move on to a more unique chromatic definition.


Finally, the pastel colors, appreciated especially by many foreign tourists, sweeten the days, they catch unprepared when it seems that the only alternative are the dark shades that open to winter. They take us back to childhood, to the pure and perfect world of dancers, to magical creatures like unicorns, who sometimes are not afraid to appear among all the others.



A cura di @yesmilano