Milano Working Culture

Business, Business, Business

Milano is a liberal and international city, the real heart of the Italian economy and, like many any other big cities in the world, life focus is very much business and lifestyle oriented.

Work in Milano is intense and working days do not end at 6 p.m., business here never stops!

Locals are usually stereotyped as reserved, classy, dynamic, curious, demanding and perhaps snobbish. The popular Milanese Imbruttito ( mockingly represents the way Milanese like to laugh at themselves.

Dress to Impress

Jobs in Finance require a more tie dress code, while the more creative style worn in design and fashion industries explain why such trendy and colorful styles populate the boulevards of the city. Provocative clothing such as very high heels do not fit the stylish, but practical, soul of the city. Rather opt for more classic and clean leather shoes. In Italy, good shoes make a great impression! But brown with blue is a no-no!

After Work

However, the city offers unlimited opportunities for socializing with colleagues and friends after work. The best option is the famous aperitivo  that includes in small price a drink and cospicuous quantities of food.

The Milanese tend to rest from working days (when they don't work on weekends) spending their weekends outdoor, either at the lake or in the countryside, maybe at the sea during summer or in the mountains during the ski season. Italian Bella Vita is not that bad in the end!

But if you listen carefully: you can spot a real Milanese talking with passion about business and economics also during spare time, on Sundays, while running at the park or paddling on the lake.