Milano Innovation District

MIND Milano Innovation District is a 1 million m2 development, which is being created on the site of the former EXPO Milano 2015 site. It will be a hub of global excellence for companies, scientists and researchers operating in the fields of life sciences, healthcare, biotech, pharma, agri-food, nutrition, data science and big data.


The Milano Innovation District includes the “Human Technopole”, “Science for Life” Statal University of Milan campus, IRCSS Treatment and Research Healthcare Center (Galeazzi) and Social Innovation Hub- Lab. 

The Human Technopole will comprise 1,500 researchers and some of the world’s most advanced computing, storage and imaging equipment. Its mission will be to develop personalized approaches, both medical and nutritional, focusing on cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. It will achieve this mission using genomics, the analysis of big data and new diagnostics techniques.


MIND district, to be completed in 10 years, is close to the main city airport (Milano Malpensa) and Milano Exhibition Centre, which is the largest trade fair facility in Europe. It will eventually host 60,000 people daily, including 18,000 students, 5,000 researchers and 5,000 visitors.