After the lockdown Milano restarts with “one step at a time” changes in its transport system, adapting to the new ordinary that revolutionizes the city’s times and spaces. From public transport to trains and bicycles, find all the updated info here.


Public transport within the City is regular, although a limit is set to the maximum number of passengers allowed on board at the same time.


Thirty Km per-hour zones for cars are gradually being expanded. Cycling is allowed for trips within the City so as not to overcrowd public transport and to limit private car use.


B and C Areas – that is access restrictions to the City for specific categories of vehicles – are suspended until June 14, 2020.


Please find updated information on mobility below.


ATM – the Milanese Public Transport Company – deploys its whole fleet to guarantee travel within the City to those going back to work. Provisions on social distancing cause a reduction in the number of passengers allowed on each ride and thus an increase in travel time.


These are the rules:


  • All passengers must wear surgical masks and disposable gloves and keep safety distances both when waiting for transport and when on board
  • Metro access is controlled by phased entrances through the blocking of turnstiles
  • Dedicated signage and guided paths have been created for standby on metro platforms, in order to allow for social distancing, including - where possible – separate lines for boarding and getting off trains
  • Stickers mark the seats that cannot be used and clear lines have been made on the floor showing where to stand, whether waiting for or on board transport
  • Allow passengers to get off, avoid crowds and occupy empty areas on board
  • If oncoming transport has already reached maximum capacity, wait for the next
  • Stations and vehicles are constantly sanitized


All information is regularly updated on ATM’s official website




ATM invites you to use online channels, the ATM app and the SMS Ticketing service to purchase tickets and passes. It is possible to pay for Metro tickets at turnstiles with contactless credit cards.


If your electronic card is about to expire, please find information for extensions here.



Trenord is rescheduling service with particular emphasis on busier lines. Information and assistance to passengers have been upgraded.

Do not board a train if you have flu symptoms or a body temperature higher than 37.5° centigrade.


Prior to travel, buy your ticket and always check the train’s status on the Trenord app (iOS - Android) or on the official website. If you cannot do this, please observe safety distancing in line to the ticket desks or vending machines. Tickets cannot be purchased on board trains.

Passes can be activated in each of your line’s stations by placing your card on a ticket vending machine.




  • All passengers must wear a mask and disposable gloves and keep safety distances both when waiting for trains and on board. In major stations masks are handed out in cooperation with Civil Defence
  • Sanitization operations on trains have been reinforced and hand-sanitizing gel dispensers have been placed in the common areas of major stations
  • Body temperature checks entering stations are planned
  • Follow the dedicated signage when in stations 
  • Please do not pause in the stations’ closed spaces for reasons other than the necessities of your trip (timetable consultation, ticket purchase, filling of self-certification form…)
  • Choose the platform’s emptier areas and keep a distance of at least one metre from other persons. Position yourself along the whole platform, so as to avoid crowding train doors and reduce movements once on board
  • Wait for all incoming passengers to get off. Place yourself in line next to the door you have chosen and wait for your turn. Facilitate an orderly boarding. Avoid crowding.
  • Do not insist on boarding. Respect any public announcements in the station or from the conductor. One out of every two seats will be available. Follow the instructions on board, where the available seats are marked. The train will not depart if overcrowded
  • Download and always use the Trenord app (iOS - Android) to be updated on network conditions and on possible overcrowding at stations and on main trains at rush hours
  • lways pay close attention to public announcements in railway stations. If the incoming train is full, refrain from boarding and wait for the following one




  • Only sit on unmarked seats, marked ones must remain empty. In doubt, always keep a safety distance
  • Avoid loitering in the hallways. These must be kept clear for boarding and leaving trains. In any case, follow the instructions for a correct distancing
  • Always wear a mask in the correct way. If possible, disposable gloves as well
  • Follow your train’s progress and check information on possible crowds at stations on the Trenord app (iOS - Android)
  • Once on board the train avoid moving around as much as possible
  • Do not leave rubbish on board. Take it with you as you get off to ease cleaning and sanitizing activities. Never leave your mask and gloves on the train




High-speed railway services are operated with adjustments.

Please find updated information on Trenitalia’s website.




ITALO is adjusting its service. Detailed information on ITALO’s official website.


The prescribed distancing between persons must be observed at all times.




BikeMi, the City’s bike sharing service, is operating at full capacity. Management has stepped up sanitization activities in order to increase travel safety.

The service is operational every day from 6:00 to 24:00.




Mobike, the free-floating sharing service, continues service, increasing sanitization of vehicles.


Car sharing services are continuing. Companies operating in Milano are::









Scooters in sharing may circulate throughout the municipal area on 50 Km/h speed limit roads and on cycling lanes in extra-urban roads, keeping a maximum speed of 25 Km/h when on the lanes proper and of 6Km/h when in pedestrian areas. Vehicles must be left off at bicycle parking stalls after use.


HELBIZ: please visit the official website

WIND MOBILITY: please visit the official website

BIRD: app iOS - app Google Play