Yiwei Huang from China

Yiwei Huang, is a Chinese girl. Mechanical Engineer with an international business vocation, she studies at Politecnico. She believes in discipline and hard work but she enjoys sharing well-deserved leisure with friends. She loves hiking on our Alps.

Why did you choose Milano?

how did you choose your University?

Long story in short: I met my then boyfriend (now fiancé), a Chinese guy from Veneto, while he was on exchange during my Mechanical Engineering bachelor's study in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He knew I wanted to specialize into a more business-related study and recommended me Politecnico di Milano and its Management Engineering program.   I wouldn't say it's purely because of love that I moved to Milano, but a combination of love and and professional growth closed the deal.

What do you like most about Milano?

What are your professional expectations?

What I enjoy very much is that there's a lot that I can do in Milano while working hard on my degree. Plus I love to escape and explore the surrounding provinces they are super different from the city landscape so I am never afraid to get stuck in my daily routine. Being big and lively, Milan reminds me of my native city Shenzhen.
I did’t start working yet, but Milano looks promising on the jobs point of view!

Did you find a suitable housing?

Thanks to the the merit-based scholarship Politecnico grants me the university residence, free of charge for almost two years. The campus option also gives me more chances to share experiences with my MSC colleagues. I will surely look for my own apartment as soon as i graduate.

Tell us your 3 most preferred spots in Milano where to:

chill out with friends & have drinks / have a nice dinner: I like the aperitivos in corso Como, I go sometimes with my friends. It's not far from where I live and the vibes are cool! "Gaia" gelato place near the university is also one of my fav spots to chill out (in all senses!) with friends.

feel active and immerse in nature: my friends and I love hiking: we usually get on a train or share a car and go hiking in the outskirts nearby. Destinations like Canzo, or the Swiss Alps are easily reachable for a day trip or a weekend.

your secret favourite spot in Milano: I like the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli park near Porta Venezia!

How do you get around Milano?

What's your favourite mean of transportation?

The old-style tram is the best transport ever! there are two lines of those trams passing close to my residence. Otherwise a fast alternative is Passante ferroviario, the underground railway system which gets me to Bovisa campus.

How was your impact with Italian Language?

Long story again. I couldn't speak Italian when I came in September 2017, but I was eager to learn to better understand and to connect in a more personal way with the local culture. I have to thank: a) YouTube tutorials, where I learned some grammar basics, b) the Italian friends in my dorm and c) people in the university who offered to have mixed-language exchange even when I uttered only broken sentences. I also wish to thank my fiancé who continued to nourish huge expectations on me and support me in any challenge I undertake, with great regard to my Italian lessons!

Do you have any advice for other students thinking about studying in Milano?

Try to be as much proactive as you can, both academically and personally. If you don't study, no one will force you to study by assigning you homework and taking your attendance in class. But if you want to get good grades in your exams and receive high final graduation scores, you have to know how to discipline yourself by your own initiative, and learn to ask for help and seek for resources by your own. Same goes for personal lives, and I am sure that Milan will be able to stimulate you properly on this.

Define Milano in three words

At the Crossroad of History and Modern .

Oh, okay it is a sentence of six words!