The Italian National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) all residents with largely free health care, including general practitioner's visits and emergency care.

It provides pharmaceutical drugs, specialist visits, medical diagnostics for free or with a relatively small contribution to expenses, the so-called ticket.

In Italy, and particularly in the Milano area, the public health system provides high-quality services to all, no matter their economic resources. Even if you already have private health insurance, it is advisable to apply for public health care coverage.

Here we will tell you how to get covered by the National Health Service (SSN)

(Given the current situation, some procedures may vary: check out our Administrative Updates page for the latest information.)

If you are in an Emergency, severe symptoms and need an ambulance, call 112 

If you are non in an emergency but need medical assistance and/or you have Covid-19 related symptoms and need to undergo surveillance, call 116117 (assistential continuity/tourist assistance number) overnight and during weekends.

Non-EU Students: Voluntary Registration

valid also for EU students without a S1 form

You can voluntarily enroll in the SSN and benefit from its services, by paying a (relatively inexpensive) fee, or "contribution".

Enrolment in SSN entitles you to have a general practitioner and benefit from public healthcare services (on the Italian territory only).

The voluntary registration (registrazione volontaria) validity period always starts on 1/1 and expires on 31/12 of the current solar year, no matter when you enroll.

For students without dependents, the cost is €149.77 per solar year.
For students with dependent family members*, the minimum contribution is €387.34 per solar year.

The contribution must be paid in one single payment.

It is never retroactive nor fractionable (that means: they are not taking charge of any event before the date of enrolment and that you can't enroll for a part of the solar year only).


This is the step-by-step procedure for voluntary enrolment in public health service:

  1. Find the ASST office ("Azienda Socio Sanitaria Territoriale" - it is the administrative entity that manages local health services) competent in the area where you reside. Areas of competence are based on the "Municipi" (Municipi are the smaller administrative zones of Milano, often shown with a number). 
    Try to find out in which "Municipio" you live: ask your landlord, a neighbor, or any shop owner nearby... or look up to this map. Then you may take an appointment in person at "Scelta e Revoca" office - the department in charge of assigning and changing General Practictioners to citizens and to enroll new users.

    A central "Scelta e Revoca" office in via Rugabella has been made available for residents in the municipality of Milano. Take an appointment online on THIS PLATFORM 

  2. Go to the post office, get and fill in a blank "Bollettino Postale" payment form. The contribution must be paid on the postal account 379222, in the name of (a favore di:) "P.T. REGIONE LOMBARDIA", reason for the payment (causale): “iscrizione al SSN anno…[write the year of coverage] See our pdf guide for an example of how to fill in the postal payment slip.
  3. Download the application form above (English Language, printouts are also available at the Scelta e Revoca counter) and fill it in with your personal data: 
    If you are a student on your own, fill it in until LUMP SUM PAYMENT: € 149,77 and skip to date and signature.
    If you wish to register with dependant family members fill in also the second part of the form about family members and income declaration. (If in doubt, ask the Scelta e Revoca staff for instructions)
  4. On your appointment
    • Students from European Union countries, the European Economic Area, and from Switzerland that apply voluntarily:
      • Bring with you: application form, tax code, valid identity document (both in original plus one photocopy) and a self-certification of residence/domicile, and receipt of payment of the contribution.
    • Students from non-European countries already in possession of a residence permit for study:
      • Bring with you: application form, passport, residence permit, tax code (in original and one photocopy), certificate of enrollment in a course of study, and receipt of payment of the contribution.
    • Students from non-European countries in possession of the application receipt for a residence permit for study only (some limitations apply*):
      • you will need to bring: your passport, tax code, entry visa for study reasons, the receipt/attestation of having applied for a residence permit (all in original, plus one photocopy), certificate of enrollment in a course of study (issued by your university /institute), receipt of payment of the contribution
      • *Please note: for students without an issued residence permit it is not possible to register any dependents.
      • *The voluntary registration is issued valid for 3 months and it can be extended by providing te same documentation (via e-mail) to the Scelta e Revoca office, until obtaining the residence permit for study. 
        Once in possession of the actual residence permit, you may send  to the Scelta e Revoca office a scan of the residence permit and the documentation and have it registered: the deadline of your coverage, then, will be set to 31 December of the current year.
  5. The officer will also assist you to choose a local general practitioner in your area from a list You can also bring with you a shortlist odf some GPs in your area. Please consider that GPs who have reached the maximum number of patients might not be available to choose.
  6. As a result of the registration process, the officer will give you a paper document which must be shown as a health card at the time to request any health service.


Please note:

Students from non-European countries with a bilateral agreement with Italy:

In general, bilateral social security agreements guarantee only urgent services for temporary stays except for pensioners and posted workers. Therefore it is advisable to register voluntarily with the methods specified above.

The voluntary registration with the SSN always expires on 31/12 of the current year, it is never retroactive nor fractionable and entitles the general practitioner and health services only on the Italian territory

For technical reasons, first-time applications must be done after the 1st of January of the year in which you want to enroll.

The voluntary registration with the SSN does not entitle you to:

a. Issue of the European Health Insurance Card (TEAM) 
b. Issuing of legal certificates required by bilateral agreements in force
c. Issue of the certificate according to art. 15 of Presidential Decree 618/80
d. Issue of portable document S2 (high specialization care abroad)



We wish to thank the ASST office:  Dipartimento Cure Primarie - UOSD Governo dell'Assistenza Indiretta e tutela del Cittadino for the information given.

Students from European Union countries, the European Economic Area and from Switzerland

Students from European Union countries, the European Economic Area and from Switzerland:

- if you stay in Italy for less than 3 months: there are no formalities to take advantage of health services in the Lombardy region: in case you need a visit or to go to hospital, show a valid ID, and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC / TEAM) of the State of origin.

- if you stay in Italy for more than 3 months: you should register with the National Health Service. If you are moving from European Union countries, the European Economic Area and from Switzerland you can temporarily transfer your health coverage to take advantage of Italian public healthcare as an italian citizen, including a local general practictioner by obtaining S1 Form from your country of origin. If you don't have the S1 form with you, you are eligible for Voluntary Registration (by paying a fee)

So our first tip is: if you are entitled to public health coverage in EU, before coming to Milan for a long stay, remember to ask your local authorities to issue you the S1 Form. 
Portable document S1 is issued by the competent authority in your country of origin and entitles you to transfer your health coverage in Italy for the period of your stay: start and expiry date are indicated on the form.

  1. Find the ASST office ("Azienda Socio Sanitaria Territoriale" - it is the administrative entity that manages local health services) competent in the area where you reside. Areas of competence are based on the "Municipi" (that means administrative zones of Milan, often indicated with a number). Try to find out in which "Municipio" you live: ask your landlord, a neighbor, or any shop owner nearby... or look up to this map
  2. Find the location and timetable of the "Ufficio Estero" (this is the office that handles international procedures) of your local ASST office.  

    Ufficio Estero for residents in zone 3 or 4

    Ufficio Estero for residents in zones: 5-6-7

    Ufficio Estero for residents in zone 9

    Alternatively you can look up and go to the "Scelta e Revoca" counters (these are the counters in charge of assigning a general practictioner to citizens) at your local ASST location. Uffici scelta e revoca in all zones

  3. Take an in-person appointment by writing on their e-mail. 
    Or use the online form
  4. Go to Ufficio Estero / Scelta e Revoca counter with a valid ID and codice fiscale in original - plus one photocopy of both- along with the S1 form and a self-certification of residence / domicile.
  5. The office will retain the first sheet of S1 and the photocopies, and enrol you in the SSN. They will also assist you to choose a local general practictioner from a list. They will issue you a form called "Allegato 1" ("Annex 1") which must be shown as a health card at the time to request any health service.

Enrolment in the SSN is valid for one year from the date of application. Should you stay longer you can follow this same procedure to renew the enrolment until the expiration date stated on the S1 form. 


Please note: if you need planned health treatment, e.g. for chronical disease, you need to ask your local authority for S2 form - Authorisation to obtain planned treatment abroad.

TIP: Update Revenue Agency records

especially 'tax domicile" before going to the appointment

Since 'Scelta e Revoca' officers pick up your domicile data (address) from the revenue office tax code database.

Many students, who have got their tax code from the Consular office or through their university, need to update this record.

It is fundamental that you update the address "tax domicile" on tax records and that the address you give on the enrolment form and the address on your tax records are the same.

You can do so by using this form as "change of data and providing the new 'tax domicile' - your address in Milano. Submit the form via e-mail along with a copy of your ID to the nearest Revenue Agency branch ("Ufficio Territoriale") by stating that you need an update of your tax domicle to allow your enrollment in NHS / SSN

For one-to-one support, please take an appointment at the One-Stop-Shop

MORE: Get an appointment at Scelta e Revoca office

Use the online form for the central Scelta e Revoca offices in Via Rugabella 4/6, Milano

  • Skip the warning in Italian that says that you can only use the appointment form for your first enrollment appointment
  • Click on Scelta e Revoca
  • Choose a suitable (marked in green) date on the calendar
  • Choose a time slot. Use the blue arrows to browse through more time slots.
  • Fill in the form or the right with your name, surname, tax code, e-mail and mobile number and confirm.
  • You will get a confirmation and call number
  • Just go in person to the office on the day and hour of your appointment, 5 minutes in advance on your scheduled time 
  • check in (if required) and wait for your number to be called, then go to the counter. (see above the documents you may need to bring)

The different ATS offer also some alternatives: 

Book online or alternatively  send an email to the nearest office according to the Municipio where you reside: 

Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco 

Appointment booking links
Via A. Doria, 52
Piazzale Accursio, 7
Via Rugabella 4/6
Via Serlio 8

e-mail contact: 

Zone 9: ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda

Appointment booking phone line (Italian)  02.6444.5743 FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY 1.30pm - 3.15pm

Location: Via Livigno, 3 *

Voluntary subscription to the Healthcare system for residents in Zone 9 can be done via e-mail by attaching a scan of all the relevant documentation + the application form

source: Scelta e revoca via Livigno

Zone 5, 6, 7 ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo 

Appointment booking link:

Piazza Bande Nere, 3

Appointment booking phone line (Italian) 02.8184.7900 / 5609 FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY 13.30 - 15.30

e-mail contact: 

Remember to include in the e-mail your personal data, tax code, and telephone number.)you'll be given a physical appointment at the scelta e revoca office to apply for it. Specify in the subject that you are asking for an in-person appointment for the first enrollment (Appuntamento per prima iscrizione al SSN)

For other requests, such as renewals, change of doctor, duplicates of health card, you can apply online through this web portal. or by e.mail.


TIP: Renewal of voluntary subscription

Skip-the-queue tip for renewals: If you are already registered with SSN, renewals can be done also with some anticipation, provided you indicate on the payment slip the year for which you pay and you provide a certificate of enrollment in a course of study stating that you will be enrolled for the next year.
Send the usual documentation and the new payment receipt to your Scelta e Revoca office by e-mail and remember to write to the officers that you are renewing the enrolment for the subsequent year. 

More about the EHIC and S1 form

Read the policies of different countries

we asked EU countries health services about their policies on EHIC and  S1 Read some of their feedback

What if I am a researcher?

Those, both EU and non-EU citizens, who are enrolled in an academic year for a research doctorate, and don't have dependent family members, are entitled to voluntary enrollment by paying the flat-rate contribution as students (see above).

Those researchers, both EU and non-EU, who are holders of research grants, postdoctoral scholarships and have signed with a University or research institution registered with M.I.U.R. a contract of self-employment, subordinate or research training scholarship (contratto di lavoro  autonomo / subordinato, borsa di addestramento di ricerca), even if they pay INPS contributions, are entitled to voluntary registration, paying the contribution, calculated on income received (7.50% up to € 20,658.27 + 4% on the remaining € 30,987.41 up to a maximum of € 51,646). 

Refer via e-mail to any Ufficio Scelta e Revoca for the calculation of the right amount or ask the One-Stop-Shop

What id I graduated and got a residence permit "in attesa occupazione"?

If the holder of a residence permit for "job search" is "unemployed", the Ministry of Heath has indicated that the person must be registered with the SSN voluntarily by paying a contribution proportional to the income of the previous year (see above) and, in the case of income equal to zero, the contribution will be € 387.34.

Voluntary registration, regardless of when it is activated, lasts until 31/12 of the current year.

Source: ASST Milano

The new online form

How to enrol into the Italian NHS as a non-EU student

You can now enrolled into the Italian NHS online here

When you open the platform, you’ll be showed this page. Click on “PROSEGUI” on the bottom right. Select “Iscrizione al Servizio Sanitario Regionale - Studenti Extracomunitari” if it’s your first time enrolling. If you wish to renew your subscription, select “Rinnovo al Servizio Sanitario Regionale - Students Extracomunitari” (the last option).


Once you selected the relevant option for you, click on “APRI RICHIESTA”.
In this page, you’ll be asked if you already have a permit of stay/residence permit card. If you do, go ahead and select “Sì, sono in possesso del Permesso di Soggiorno per Motivi di Studio”. If you don’t, select the other option “No, non sono ancora in possesso del Permesso di Soggiorno per Motivi di Studio”.


Fill in with your personal information

Nome: your name
Cognome: your last name
Codice fiscale: tax code
Sesso: sex
Luogo di nascita: place of birth, the country in which you were born
Data di nascita: date of birth
Nazionalità: nationality
Domicilio / residenza estera: your domicile abroad
Via di Domicilio / Residenza: street name
Civico: street number
Email and confirmation of your email

Place your Italian phone number in “Cellulare” and click on “INVIAMI SMS CODICE DI CONFERMA”. You’ll receive a message on your phone that you’re going to put in the following field, “Inserisci Codice di Conferma ricevuto via SMS”.

If you have family in Milano with you and you wish to register them as dependents please click on “SE HAI FAMILIARI A CARICO CLICCA QUI”.


In the following part of the form, you’re being asked to upload these documents (make a good pdf scan of each, front and rear if applicable).

1. If you have your permit of stay /residence permit card already, please upload a scan of it. If not, you’ll be asked to upload a scan of your visa.

2. A scan of your Tax Code certificate or Tax Code card 

3. Certificate of enrolment into your university

4. Receipt of the payment

5. Self-certification of your domicile in Milano


By clicking on “CLICCA QUI PER CONSULTARE L’ELENCO MEDICI DAL SITO ATS MILANO” you’ll be able to see which doctors are available in your area. Choose three preferred doctors and place their name and last name in “Inserisci Nome e Cognome del Medico”.


Accept the privacy policy and click on “INVIA PRATICA” to submit your application.


The One Stop Shop is happy to help and see this process together or any questions you might have. Book an appointment here or a follow up via e-mail

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