Online Business Webinars

by the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of Milano Monza Brianza and Lodi and the training agency Formaper uploaded many webinars related to innovation technologies and 4.0 Industry.

Every webinar lasts about 50 mins, and it’s in Italian language.

Here is a list of our picks:



Asyncronous Webinar

Free frequency

Here is a list of our picks:

- Il web è un luogo pericoloso? Come le piccole e medie imprese possono difendersi con la cybersecurity - Intelligenza artificiale a misura di piccola impresa - La robotica collaborativa

- Big data e sistemi informativi per la gestione della conoscenza


Live Webinars

E-learning meetings have a limited allowance. By specifying you are a YesMilano they’ll put you straight in the waiting list:


29 April 10:00-12:00 | Vendere in Cina: la rinascita del mercato cinese