Four short-handed paddles, one ball, four players and a lot of energy... 

‘Padel mania’ has also arrived in Italy and Milan!

The game of Padel was created, almost by chance, in the ‘70s, in Mexico, when a billionaire decided to utilise the space available in his mansion to build a court that would enable him to play tennis.

However, there was the problem of a three-metre wall in correspondence with one of the two back court areas in the space available.

Undeterred, he chose to proceed with the project so he built another three-metre wall on the opposite side of the court and two lower lateral barriers. In doing so, his problem-solving approach generated a new idea.

He introduced a new rule to the invented game whereby, similar to squash, the balls can bounce off the walls surrounding the court which had the undoubted advantage of creating a playing area where the ball was always in motion.

However, Padel remained an elite game until the early 1980s when some American tourists decided to export it to their country where they proceed to build several courts.

Steadily, the momentum grew and the game began to become a real sport. Despite having its origins in Mexico, its popularity spread to various countries: from Argentina to France to Brazil and Spain - a country where it has become incredibly popular with thousands of players and a huge following, indeed today, incredibly, it is the second national sport after football!

Where to find a Padel court in Milan

Quanta Club – Niguarda

Sport Promotion Comasina – Comasina

Tennis Club Ambrosiano – Lambrate

City Padel Milano – City Life

Aspria Harbour Club Milano – San Siro

Padel Idroscalo - Linate

The structure has 3 latest generation fields with EYES ON system.

It is a camera system that allows video recording or live streaming of the match, giving the possibility to create video clips and highlights that can be shared on your social profile.

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