Starting with May 4 city parks open again: after lockdown, Milano restarts “one step at a time”, bringing life back to places in a new day-to-day routine.

Physical activity is permitted subject to the following regulations; scroll for the guidelines and some tips.


For those who wish to exercise outdoors, we suggest the Parco dell'Idroscalo where you can practice physical and sports activities, free or by reservation, always in line with the required social distancing regulations.

From Monday 1st June, the Saini and Cambini Fossati Centres will reopen for tennis, along with the Washington and Lido centres and the following public swimming pools: Cozzi, Carella Cantù, Murat, Procida and Saini (initially only for freestyle swimming). Click here for online purchase of swimming pool tickets

What can you do in parks and in the open?

Entrance to parks, villas and public gardens is permitted on condition that the following rules are strictly respected:


  • The general precautionary measures against transmission of the virus are to be respected in parks, using surgical masks to cover nose and mouth and sanitizing hands. Children under six years of age and individuals with forms of disability not allowing for the continued use of masks or interacting with them are exempted.
  • Gatherings of more than two persons are strictly forbidden
  • A safety distance between individuals of at least one metre must be kept when walking or working out. This distance increase to two metres for sports (running). The use of a mask is not compulsory when running, provided a distance of at least two metres form other persons is observed. Masks must always be available for use before and after running
  • Parks can be entered on foot, on a bicycle, on skates or skateboard, or by any other means, provided the Rules for Green Areas and safety distances are respected
  • In order to allow for safety distancing, park benches will only seat two persons at the sides, while the middle seat must remain empty
  • Children can bring to the park small objects to play with on their own or with their accompanying adults (balls, Frisbees, and the like). All must observe the aforementioned distancing and must keep away from areas and situations where they can get close to other persons. Gatherings – children gatherings included – are strictly forbidden
  • Parties and picnics are forbidden
  • In the event of overcrowding of one or more parts of a park/green area, public security authorities will disperse the crowd and where appropriate temporarily shut down the area
  • Individual open-air sports such as golf, archery, athletics, horse riding, target practice, sailing, canoeing, cycling, individual water sports, rowing, tennis, running, hiking, sport climbing, motoring, motorcycling, go-karting, etc. are allowed in sport facilities, centres, and dedicated areas. Individuals can access the specific open-air dedicated areas, the transit areas and the toilets only. Common spaces and services, such as changing rooms, showers, gyms, internal bars and restaurants remain closed. Managers will have to guarantee proper and constant sanitization and sterilization of all enclosed spaces and toilets, limited access, suitable routes and all necessary measures to ensure social distancing and enforce the interdiction of gatherings (by online or telephone booking, shifts, managing of entrances to the sport facility and of the recommended ways in and out).

Look for the nearest park

Find a map of all the city parks and gardens on the City Hall’s website.