In a city that loves good food, good cooking schools are needed. You can find professional cooking schools in Milano here.

Accademia Gualtiero Marchesi

The Academy of the famous master of Italian cuisine Gualtiero Marchesi offers several courses for professionals, all with a single goal: spread the culture of the cooking as an art form. Among the professional courses, the most important are called Le Monografie di Gualtiero Marchesi, in which highly qualified teachers, not by chance called "the Maestro's pupils", train in a dynamic and innovative context that unites theory and practice.


Address: Via Bonvesin de la Riva, 5

Telephone: +39 02 36706660


Congusto Gourmet Institute

The Congusto Gourmet Institute offers Milano’s widest concentration of training spaces in the culinary field. This cooking school, founded in 2003, offers courses for the vocational training of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, pizza makers, room managers, and much more. The goal is to spread gastronomic culture and help  generate a greater knowledge of food.


Address: Via Bernardo Davanzati, 15

Telephone: +39 02 89785801


Joia Academy

Joia Academy is an independent institute sponsored by chef Pietro Leemann: a real cultural laboratory dedicated to vegetarianism as an ethical choice for personal and collective well-being. The philosophy of the school is based on a conception of cuisine that respects nature and all living beings, composed of healthy and natural products that are beneficial to the world and to those who eat them. The goal is to spread the values of vegetarian culture and to inform on the benefits it brings physically, spiritually, socially and environmentally. The pride of the educational offer is the Master in Vegetarian Cuisine, with the release of a vocational diploma.


Address: Via Felice Casati, 31

Telephone: +39 02 36517551


Accademia Italiana Chef

The Accademia Italiana Chef is a private vocational training institution, specialized in Italian catering. Its mission is to create professionals who deal with knowledge, skills and competences suitable for safeguarding and developing our national culinary heritage. The educational offer includes professional courses for cooks, pastry chefs, pizza makers, plus a specialization Master.


Address: Via Adelaide Bono Cairoli, 30

Telephone +39 347 4834149
Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00


Food Genius Academy

Food Genius Academy is a professional training center approved by Regione Lombardia. It is characterized by a very wide educational offer, which includes vocational courses, academic courses and thematic courses. The academic courses provide a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management, training professionals capable of combining outstanding culinary and entrepreneurial skills, and a Master in Communication and Gastronomic Criticism, which trains new food critics in a cultural approach to the subject while making them familiar with contemporary digital tools.


Address: Viale Col di Lana, 8

Telephone: +39 02 36518286


Cooperativa Sociale Educativa Paideia

Paideia is a social cooperative accredited by Regione Lombardia as a training institution in the caregiving sector. Its mission is the training of women, as fundamental components of  family and society. Most of the courses are in the pastry sector. Vocational courses cover the basics of confectionery, and skills in pastry, cake design, chocolate and ice cream. In addition, a Higher Education course in Pastry is provided.


Address: Via Bernardo Ugo Secondo, 4

Telephone: +39 02 2360347


NOlab Academy

NOlab Academy is a centre of study and research dedicated to the food, fashion and design areas. The real strength of the school is in fact interdisciplinarity between these subjects, and in the value of the contaminations that can arise from their union. As far as food is concerned, the courses range across many themes: from pastry to ice cream, from vegan and vegetarian to gluten-free, from gastronomic culture to food design.


Address: Via Gerolamo Rovetta, 18

Telephone: +39 02 45390840


La Sana Gola

La Sana Gola is a school that trains holistic operators and cooks, guided by a philosophy on the healing power of food and on the principles of the "macro-method". It is accredited by Regione Lombardia and is registered in the national S.I.A.F. list for the inclusion of its students in the professional association of holistic operators. The school provides vocational syllabus to become a Holistic Chef, in which every aspect of macro-bio-vegan cuisine is studied through bio-natural disciplines, with the aim of exploring the benefits that each individual can derive from a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Address: Via Carlo Farini, 70

Telephone: +39 02 6687188


Italian Food Academy

Italian Food Academy aims to offer a service of excellence in the training and start-up of high-profile professionals, through the study of Italian food and wine culture and education in the importance of raw materials and Made in Italy cooking. The great variety of training classes, divided into courses, masters and specializations, is one of the strengths of the school, which aims to provide the best for the students both from the teaching and from a practical and  technical perspective. The goal is to assist them throughout their experience, and then later on into professional work.



Milano, via Albricci 9 (courses)
Milano, Piazza Gerusalemme 7 (at Cucina IN)
Milano, Via Adige 9 (at In Kitchen Loft)
Milano, Via Benaco 30 (at Feeling Food)
Milano, Corso Magenta 46 (at Arte del Convivio)

Telephone: +39 02 671658056


Scuola Arte Bianca

Scuola Arte Bianca has the goal of spreading food culture and the craft tradition linked to food as it is expressed through the quality of genuine typical and local ingredients. All teachers are highly skilled professionals who have turned their passion into a job, and above all into an art. Because food is art, and those who cook must know how to express themselves as artists, by creating something that can give joy to those who eat it. The training offer includes pastry, bakery, fresh pasta and pizza courses. Among these the Maestri Pizzaioli Course stands out: certification of skills, at the end of which it is possible to see the skills acquired during the skills acquired during it are recognized and certified by the Region of Lombardy.


Address: Viale Monza, 83

Telephone: +39 02 91672294 - 327 9364465