Create a proposal to re-think spaces in Milano

A consultation targeted at creatives and designers

The Comune di Milano has issued a consultation targeted at creatives and designers to come up with a list of useful ideas to favour the reopening of businesses and public areas with the introduction of Phase 2 of the public health emergency.


From distancing barriers to vertical and horizontal signage for the management of controlled customer flow, considering new fittings and innovative solutions to get the full potential from the outdoor space and the layout of the premises ensuring social distancing, without sacrificing conviviality and security.

These are some of the ideas and projects sought by the Comune di Milano for the reopening of historic shops, retail businesses, outdoor and indoor markets as well as bars and restaurants and their outdoor spaces.


The Municipality aims at the creation of a registry of ideas and projects, targeted particularly at small and medium-sized businesses.


The plans, projects and proposals, in line with current and future Ministerial and Regional regulations regarding the containment of Covid-19, may be presented by individual businesses, associations, foundations, freelancers and other institutions as well as both public and private entities.

There is no time limit within which to submit proposals, the invitation will remain open for the full duration of the emergency. The proposals will be periodically evaluated, discussed and included in a virtual catalogue which can be consulted free of charge by interested traders and operators directly on the official channels of the Comune di Milano.


Download the consultation documents.


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