A record-breaking panettone: that’s how I reinvent the tradition

Davide Comaschi Maitre chocolatier

For my Milanese Christmas 2018 I decided to reinvent the tradition of panettone and create a record-breaking panettone: the largest artistic panettone in the world will be decorated with a touch of originality thanks to pralines #RosaMilano.


The secret ingredient of the stylized pink praline, which pays tribute to the feminine side of Milano, is unveiled: the fourth category of naturally pink chocolate, discovered after 13 years of research, which wraps a soft interior with raspberry and lime. A real treat for the eyes and for the taste buds!


#RosaMilano symbolically represents the growth of a city recognized in the world for design and fashion, but also a point of reference in the made in Italy food sector, thanks also to the contribution of pastry and chocolate processing.


Any projects for the future?
The world of cocoa and chocolate is a universe to discover, still has much to tell: so do not ask me what is my favourite chocolate, there are countless cocoa qualities and the important thing is the value of the ingredients I use in production.
On the other hand, what would you expect from a "World Champion"?