Here you can find an archive, galleries and slides and more about past workshops at YesMilano Students

*in the picture, the Art Workshop in the Castle, in a photography of circa 1906 

26.11.2020 WORKING IN MILANO: How to find a job and tips for the recruitment process

Online Workshop in collaboration with San Martino Servizi

Working in Milano Part-Two was thought to gain a better understanding of the different working status and so be better prepared to rearch for open positions, apply for a job posting and in case of receiving an invitation to an interview.

This workshop follows our first one on the basic interpretative tools for understanding the work system in Italy , and is aimed at giving more insights on the most requested topics..

16.11.2020 Virtual Tour: Porta Venezia & Art Nouveau

with In viaggio Per Ricominciare

A Virtual Tour in search of the masterpieces of Liberty style in Milano starts from the heart of Porta Venezia, from the cradle of Milanese Liberty style, that is via Malpighi; we will observe the beautiful floral motifs and ceramics that decorate Casa Galimberti.
From there we will then move to the so-called Ca 'di Ciapp, and admire the decorative exuberance of the Berri-Meregalli house, the architectural emblem of eclecticism. Our journey will end at Casa Campanini, sustained by the wonderful concrete caryatids of the House. 

- Via Malpighi
- Galimberti House and Corso Venezia
- Palazzo Castiglioni
- Palazzo Berri Meregalli
- Tensi house
- Palazzo Campanini

In collaboration with the tour leaders of In Viaggio per Ricominciare

DownloadThe Virtual Tour slides - pdf 14.94 MB

12.11.2020 WORKING IN MILANO: Quick tips for Students part 1

Online Workshop in collaboration with San Martino Servizi

We set up an online workshop - in collaboration with the experts of San Martino Servizi  - to gain better understanding of the different working status and related procedures, with the aim to be better prepared in case of getting a job. A Kahoot interactive quiz made the workshop fun and helped to focus on important points. A final Q&A session allowed everybody to clarify their doubts.


1) Employment law in Italy:

· Work as an Employee

  • Permanent contract (tempo indeterminato)
  • Fixed term contract (tempo determinato)
  • Temporary Agencies (interinale)

· Work as a self employed

  • o VAT Code (P.IVA)
  • o Consultant contract (Co.Co.Co)


2) Temporary jobs/gig jobs

  • · How to work autonoumously without P.IVA (Ritenuta d’acconto)
  • · Occasional jobs (Libretto Famiglia, Prest0)


3) Terms and Conditions in contracts: National Agreement vs. Individual contract

  • Social security, pension, and fiscal treatment



DownloadDownload the slides - pdf 861.33 KB

29.10.2020 Yesmilano Students Meet Photographer Marco Piraccini

Online, live from the exhibition.

Marco Piraccini was born in the Romagna region where he learned the art of dreaming.

A clinical psychologist, he left the profession and moved to Milano to study music and photography. He became a young celebrrity photographer covering concerts, backstage and everything related to music stars.

Interested in portraying the Artist as he expresses himself, Marco has worked over the years with some of the most important Italian and international singers through on-stage photographs aiming to portray the personality of the subject.

The stage and the dressing room are the dimensions in which Piraccini’s photography most expresses its strength in capturing the beauty of the sitter’s uniqueness in his smile. 

When the lockdown stopped and live performances will not be the same for a long while, he became a witness of a lonely, beautiful Milano.

22.10.2020 YesMilano Students Tour: Hidden Treasures along Navigli + NABA

We visited the area of Via Tortona, next to Navigli - a Milano neighbourhood under the spotlight in October - while talking about Italian and Milanese Design. We visited two top locationds for design: Archiproducts Showrom  and Superstudio Exhibition area

With Valentina Dalla Costa , Journalist / Lecturer / Design consultant, is History of Italian Design and Social Design professor at NABA

15.10.2020 How to access public healthcare in Milano

How to get covered by the Nationa health system ? How much does it cost? When is it free?

We saw together how to access the public health system, and what does it cover. We will also mark the difference between the public healthcare system versus private medical insurance.

01.10.2020 YesMilano Instatour on Navigli

with Andrea Cherchi

Morning or night, rain or sunshine, photographer, journalist, and instagrammer Andrea Cherchi leads us every day into the beauty of Milano. We had a special photo workshop him around the Navigli neighbourhood with our smartphone or camera on our YesMilano Students Instatour.
On Thursday, October 1st at 5pm. 

Remember to follow and tag our City official @visit_milano Instagram.

We can't wait to see your best shots with hashtags #YesMilano #students

09.10.2020 Walking through Milano Design City

YesMilano Students + NABA

We had a insider tour around  some locations of Milano Design City while discovering the state of the art of Italian and Milanese Design

With Valentina Dalla Costa , Journalist / Lecturer / Design consultant, is History of Italian Design and Social Design professor at NABA

20.09.2020 Housing In Milano: Dos and Don'ts About Rents, Contracts And Payments

What to Do - And What to Avoid When Renting a Room or a Studio

During this workshop we shared advice on what you should consider before and after signing a contract to rent an apartment in Milano, and the rules both the tenant and the landlord should respect according to the Italian law.

Searching for accommodation may be a full time job. 

By joining our online workshop on Thursday September 24th at 5 pm.  we  shared  information, questions and your experience. We learned how to settle rents disputes through mediation.

(in cooperation with the Revenue Agency, FIMAA and Milan Chamber of Arbitration -



We published all the information from this seminar in our website section about renting a room in Milano.

25.06.2020 Pride Happy Hour -YesMilano Students

in collaboration with ESN - A Milano Unita

YesMilano Students and Erasmus Student Network a Milano Unita got together to offer all  the International Students a Virtual Happy hour, to spend a good time together while talking about freedom through the testimonies of some exchange students. The event was part of the Milano Pride 2020 program - that included only virtual events.

A short video featuring many exchange students was sent to Milano Pride 2020.


12.06.2020 YesMilano #Instatour on the streets of Milano

We had our #Instatour  along the less known but super cool streets in Milano.

The best pics taken during the tour have been selected by YesMilano Social Media Team.

By the way, grazie to FollowMiAround Tours for this Free tour and the video!  

29.09.2020 YesMilano Students tour of NoLo

Among your choice of upbeat neighbourhoods to live in, one option could be NoLo.  The area is one of the most multicultural, creative of Milano with a lively nightlife. 

We have set up for you a special YesMilano Students tour of NoLo - on September 29th at 4pm .  We Discovered the district, its people and what is going on to improve the neighbourhood life. 
In collaboration with GiraNolo.


04.06.2020 Casa Boschi Di Stefano Virtual Live Tour

Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano, opened in 2003, represents a journey through the Italian art of the twentieth century.

The spouses Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano were fond for collecting art and cultivated sincere and direct relationships with many artists among the greatest on the Italian and international scene. Throughout their life, they collected an impressive amount of works of art in what was their home. They left the apartment, together with the whole art collection to the Municipality of Milan in 1973.

Now a public house museum with free entranceit showcases about three hundred  Twentieth-Century art masterpieces, out of the over two thousand pieces that form the collection. The eleven rooms of the house have been set up as a picture gallery, which still retains the flavour of an actual house. Furnishings (that mostly aren't the original ones) were carefully chosen by the Foundation Boschi di Stefano to match with the arworks.

Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano

28.05.2020 Leonardo Da Vinci Galleries virtual live tour

We had the chance to meet Claudio Giorgione, the curator of the Leonardo Da Vinci Galleries at National Science Museum in Milano, who let us virtually explore the spaces and exhibitions of this amazing place, and tell us more about the genius of the tech geek of Italian Renaissance.

This tour was made in collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci"

19.05.2020 Duomo virtual live tour

We went on an hour-long virtual tour to discover the Duomo of Milano, its history, its awesome stained glass windows, to conclude with a surprise ending narrated by a cinema expert.

This tour was realized in collaboration with Super - Scuola Superiore D'Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco (by the way: the photo on top of the Archive page is a vintage photo of this School in 1902)

13.02.2020 Leonardo Da Vinci and the Mystery of his Writing

See From Near Precious Leonardo Writing Samples

Dr. Isabella Fiorentini, Director of Trivulziana Library, has presented us from near Leonardo's notebook and revealed the secrets of his writing.

Through the analysis of his infamous mysterious reverse writing, which is a mirror (literally) of his personal culture and sensibility, we got closer to Leonardo, his family environment, the apprenticeship in the studio and attending the court life.

The exhibition set up in the Treasure Hall (Sala del Tesoro) of the Sforza Castle - that hosted Leonardo in the years of his Milanese stay - intends to recall some phases of the education, life and art of the Renaissance genius.

30.01.2020 If you like sports, get active in Milano

If you like sports, Milano is the city!

Milano it's not just about football. Come and choose, with experts from Milanosport, which sport you'd like to practice during your student life here. Healthy mind in a healthy body, students!

After the workshop, we got a free guided visit of the Van Cleef and Arpels jewels exhibition at Palazzo Reale (in cooperation with Maison Van Cleef and Arpels). 

23. 01.2020 Milano for free

How to get the most of Milano without spending a cent?

If you think Milano is an expensive city to live in, you might be wrong! The young and fun "Milano da Scrocco" team are expert scouts of free activities and free places to go to in Milano the whole year round.

They set up a huge community to share all the for free events and opportuities taking place in Milan. They told us how an Accademia di Brera class project became a full time job. 

After the workshop, we went to a burger place opening with free beers and tasting, to test the #Milanodascrocco philosophy.


16.01.2020 How to Access Public Healthcare in Milano

With the help of an expert of the Italian National Health Service we told you how to access it, and what it covers. We also marked the difference between the public healthcare system versus a private medical insurance.

Here you find attached the slides of the presentation!

To relax after the workshop, we went to Brera National Art gallery for a magic evening visit to its art masterpieces with live music.

06.02.2020 Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Understanding Sustainable Fashion, and What it Means to You

Together with fashion blogger Svetlana Shashkova (@hungryfaces) and the knitwear designer Dario Tubiana (@rosso.cardinale) we are going to learn what sustainable fashion is and how to act to support sustainability in industry. You'll also get some tips about how to treat a sustainable piece of clothing.