Bocconi, seventh best in the world

The FT's Global Master in Finance ranking highlights the university's growth in the global context

The Financial Times published on June 15th the 2020 Global Master in Finance ranking. This year the SDA Bocconi - the University's Business School of Management - gained the 7th position, overcoming the MIT Sloan.

European Take over

Through the years, Europe has grown into the leading region for top quality MBA finance education. This year the top 7 positions in the ranking are all occupied by European institutions. Giving a closer look at the cities involved, Milano ranks as the second large city, after Paris and before Boston, London and Madrid. 

During the time of Covid-19, Milano's universities have continued to work to ensure the best quality of education to their current and prospective students. As Stefano Caselli, Bocconi's pro-rector for internationalization, declared in a recent interview:


"Request from all over the world have grown in this period. Milano remains attractive for the young people who are looking for high quality education."


The indexes

The courses grades are based on a mix of the job positions reached by the alumnae (55%) and by the quality of the education offered by the university (45%). The overall number of criteria considered by the FT are 19, including quality of teaching, the career service offerings, and the faculty standings. Some of the sub-indexes recorded for Bocconi were:

  • Average of salaries three years after graduation: $ 114,639 (PPS)
  • Salary Percentage increase: +69%
  • Female Faculty: 39%