Taste the Milanese Christmas with the biggest artistic Panettone in the world!

Christmas in Italy means panettone, the not-to-be-missed typical cake well-liked all over the world.

Again this year, the taste and creativity of the Milanese Christmas cake par excellence reach the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele IIon Sunday, December 16th at 17:00, everyone will be able to taste the “biggest artistic Panettone in the world” made by Davide Comaschi of the Chocolate Academy. The panettone will be decorated with a special type of pink chocolate praline called “Rosa Milano”, created by Davide Comaschi himself and presented for the first time.

Once unveiled, the panettone will be cut and offered to everybody, for an occasion of conviviality and hospitality under the magnificently illuminated vault of the Octagon. At the same time, other slices of artisan panettone will be distributed throughout the Galleria. The ceremony will be opened by the Alpine choir that will sing Christmas carols.

It will not be the only initiative dedicated to the Christmas dessert: thanks to the master bakers and confectioners, from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th of December there will be tastings throughout the city to follow on the map that will be distributed. A brochure with the “Panettone Itineraries” is also provided, a list of the masters who scrupulously adhere to the specification for the “typical panettone of the Milanese artisan tradition”.