Milano creative spirit is transmitted through the ether in many projects taking place in different areas: museums organize virtual tours, the seventh art moves online, and so does the theatre.


The city has always stood out for its capacity to innovate, even on stage. In this article you can find the links to enjoy the emotion of theatre performances from home. Stay tuned to Milano: every day, a show!

Teatro alla Scala and RaiPlay

La Scala Theatre and RAI renew their collaboration to offer daily opportunities for viewing and listening to fans. Until April 21, the RaiPlay platform offers one show everyday: 30 productions, most of which have never been shared before on the web. Each soirée will be viewable for one month from the date of publication.

In addition, you can browse for free the historical archive of events realized at La Scala at this link.

Franco Parenti Theatre

Franco Parenti Theatre shares a daily playlist consisting of video stories, interviews, backstage footage and historical shows grouped in the format #CasaParenti, freely accessible on YouTube.

Teatro Elfo Puccini

Even Teatro Elfo Puccini is not sitting on its hands. In this suspended time, the theatre tries to share the emotions of its stage through Vimeo, making the video footage of some shows of the past years available to everyone. These are films made with essential means, with the aim of preserving a trace of the ephemeral and unrepeatable life of the shows. The proposed schedule focuses mainly on the classics, from Racconto d'inverno (Winter's tale) to the homage to Edgar Allan Poe by Bruni/Frongia Una serie di stravaganti vicende (A series of extravagant events), from Shakespeare's sonnets - Dove sei, o musa (Where are You, Muse) and Emily Dickinson's poetry brought on stage by Elena Russo to Frankenstein narrated by Elio De Capitani. Three shows a week will be published online in this showcase from Thursday, March 19.


Triennale Milano Teatro

How do you turn Instagram into a stage? Triennale Milano Teatro has created "Decameron", a format (active until April 30) that makes good use of the social channels' potential (specifically the live shows on Instagram!). Every afternoon at 5 p.m. artists, designers, architects, intellectuals, musicians, singers, writers, directors and journalists are invited to dwell in the empty spaces of Triennale to develop a personal narrative of present times.

Piccolo Teatro

Piccolo@Home is the program proposed by Piccolo Teatro Milano to keep the public company during the Covid-19 emergency, as it waits to present the shows in the halls again. Through the theatre's social channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, more than 40 videos of shows, artists' interviews and in-depth information about its most important productions will be shared online. Among the unmissable appointments is the one with Sonia Bergamasco, starring in Il miracolo della cena (The miracle of supper), a show presented live in September 2018 and dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. Among the onloaded videos that will be available over time are Elvira and The voices inside with Toni Servillo, Pinocchio by Antonio Latella, Sanghenapule by Borrelli/Saviano. However, there will also be special projects such as the Seventieth of the Piccolo, or the cycle Ulissi: viaggio nelle Odissee (Ulysses: Journey in the Odysseys), an itinerary of reflections on the Homeric theme, entrusted to culture and entertainment celebrities (Servillo, Paolini, Ovadia, Popolizio, Ceronetti, Capossela), who - because of that project - crossed the city of Milano stopping in non-theatre places (such as pubs, libraries, etc.) on their way to the Strehler Theatre, where Robert Wilson's masterpiece, Odyssey, was being staged in Greek.

Teatro Martinitt

Teatro Martinitt in Lambrate launches an amazing initiative through its Facebook page: every week you can watch for free some of the shows staged here!

The indications to watch the shows in streaming are very simple: just connect to the Theatre's Facebook page on Thursday and Saturday nights. Just before 9 p.m. - as it happens when you go to the theater in person - the show's link will be published.

The link to each show is valid on the scheduled day from 9 p.m. to midnight, and it is also accessible to those who do not have a Facebook page. 

In the next days some funny comedies are scheduled: Thursday, April 23 is the turn of "Singles", a play dedicated to lonely hearts, while Saturday, April 25, will be the adventures narrated by "L'Eneide" ("The Aeneid") to enchant the public from home. 

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