Traditional panettone

The typical Milano panettone recipe

At Christmas, tradition involves Milano cuisine - because the legend of his majesty Panettone reigns in the city. It seems that the Christmas gift appears on Milano tables during Middle Ages, but we must imagine it with a form and a wrapper decidedly different from the current one: the dessert was round and low. Slightly crushed, it looked like the Pandolce of Genoa. Nothing to do with the taste clearly, which is typical and unique of Milano tradition. In the past, the head of the family used to serve the panettone to his guests. From that moment, the typical dessert spread quickly throughout Italy. Today it is practically the most consumed Christmas cake, also known beyond the Alps.


This year the Milano, Monza and Brianza and Lodi Chamber of Commerce has decided to join some Associations of the Lombard territory, cradle and homeland of the most iconic Italian Christmas cake, promoting 150 craft enterprises that produce the panettone belonging to the original recipe. The goal is to create a self-respecting guide to trace the areas with bakeries and pastry shops where it is possible to taste and buy the best panettone on sale. The list is available here. The Associations that collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce are: Confcommercio Milano with the Bakers 'Association of Milan and Provinces, Assofood of the Coordination of the Agro-Food Chain, Epam, Confartigianato Imprese, Unione Artigiani, Committee of Milano Pastry Chefs and Consumers' Association. Milano panettone is unique thanks to its craft tradition: technical regulation, certain ingredients and established proportions.


This initiative tells the strength that tradition drags with it: knowing how to cook an excellent panettone, faithful to the original recipe, is an art that generations of pastry chefs respect with care so as not to lose the true flavors of the territory. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the confectionery production department involves more than 40 thousand companies throughout Italian territory. At Christmas, sharing a panettone with family is more than eating a cake. It means bringing to the table a piece of culture that everyone wants to preserve over time. This weekend, during the Happy Christmas Happy Panettone event, the most deserving panettone of 2019 will be elected. Who will raise the sweetness of victory?

Ingredients of typical panettone

The typical panettone of artisans' tradition must have:

• Not less than 20% by weight on sultana raisins

• Candied orange peel and candied citron on the dough

• Not less than 10% by weight of butter on the dough

• Do not have GMO ingredients

• Selected production flour

• It cannot be sold more than 30 days from the date of production