The Italian government, through its social system, supports who lose their job.

Expats, as locals, are also entitled to enjoy such benefits whilst searching for a new employment.

Unemployment Benefits Application

Unemployment benefits in Italy are granted by INPS, the National Social Security Institute (, to those workers who lose their jobs involuntarily due to dismissal, resignation for just cause, resignation during maternity leave, disciplinary dismissal, consensual resolution.

To obtain unemployment allowance in 2020, you must submit an online application to INPS through the SR156 module within 68 days from the date of dismissal or resignation (extended now to 128 days for corona virus).

Unemployment Benefits Requirements

Unemployment Benefits are accessible for those who meet the following requirements:

1. to self-declare through the ANPAL INPS or Regione Lombardia- Siul websites, or with the support of an intermediary such as a public employment center or a patronato (workers assistance offices) your immediate willingness to work and participate in the active policies agreed  in a meeting with your employment centre. During this time, you are required to look for work and to show proof of job applications;

2. to have paid at least 3 weeks of contributions in the 4 years preceding the dismissal or resignation;

3. to have worked for at least 30 days in the 12 months preceding the start of the period of unemployment.

If you meet these criteria, you will be able to send the appropriate application to INPS, attaching an identity document, the registration form to the employment centre, the last two payrolls and the letter of dismissal or resignation.