From Venezuela to Milano

The young designer Emily Kremer tells about her life in Milano

Between Milano and San Cristobal there is a whole world in the middle. A world that Emily Kremer, a young designer, decided to fly nine years ago, leaving Venezuela and choosing Milano as her destination. A one-way ticket for career and ambitions led the young woman to choose herself and her passions. Emily, in Milan, didn't arrive by chance - she has chosen design. Many young people from abroad choose Milano for their education. Because in Milano there are excellent universities and good courses. And so, if it had to be only two years of master, today Emily has lived in Milano for nine years. We met her to understand what she does in Milano and what she has to do with the city of design. Here is what he told us.

Meet Emily from San Cristobal

Hi Emily, tell us who you are and where you come from

Hello! I'm Emily Kremer. I was born and raised in San Cristobal, one of the most populous centers of the Venezuelan Andes. Today is the seventh city in Venezuela!

Why in Milano

Why are you in Milano?

Design, interior design precisely. Milano is one of the cult cities of this subject.


How long have you been living in Milano?

I've been living in Milan for 9 years, now I stay in Navigli area and working more or less close, in Tortona district - which is one of Milano design areas.


What do you do in life?

I take care of design, I do interior design projects in an architecture studio in Milano.


What is the relationship between your work and Milano?

I think design is the glue between my life and the city of Milano. Milano is where design "happens" and so for now my life is here.


Why did you choose to live in Milano?

Actually I didn't choose to live in Milano, Milano offered me the opportunity to follow a two-year course in a Master of Interior Design. From that moment, I never left the city.

What to love about Milano

What do you like about Milano?

Milanooffers many possibilities, not only from a professional point of view but also from things to do to places to visit, the foods to try and the people to know. I think it's the right place to grow.


Why is Milano different from San Cristobal?

Italy and Venezuela are two different places, as Milano and San Cristobal are. The situation of my birth country ten years ago, but also the current one, would not have allowed me to study and work. I knew I could not realize me professionally or not to be free to do what I like.


One thing you love about Milano

In Milano, I like sunny autumn days.

What to see in Milano

How do you live the Milano Design Week?

I remember my first times at the Design Week, it was all new, everything needed to be discovered. Today I feel it is a somewhat run-in event.


What is your best memory of Milano?

Winter 2012, Parco Sempione all white. I used to some sports with my sister - who saw snow for the first time.


Where do you take your friends who come to see you?

I try to bring my friends more or less everywhere, but among places to visit they could never miss the Monumental Cemetery - an open-air museum - and the Triennale. The Triennale is one of the most beautiful places in Milano in my opinion, along with the Central Station. Then I think I'd take them to eat a panzerotto at Luini, because it is right that they also try Italian food.