What to do and not to do in town

Phase 2 Status Update

This article provides, for indicative purposes only, information on the latest restrictions, updated to August 6th, imposed by the Government in response to the health emergency determined by Covid-19, the status of public services and activities on the territory.

For detailed information on the legal restrictions in place please refer to the Official Website of the Italian Government and Regione Lombardia.


RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE - Updated August 6th, 2020


Movement of people to and from Schengen Area and the UK -> Allowed -> People travelling from Bulgaria and Romania are required to self isolate for 14 days upon entering Italy. Find out more.


Movement of people (extra Schengen) -> Limited -> Arrival allowed (with 14 days self-isolation) from: DZ (Algeria), AU (Australia), CA (Canada), GE (Georgia), JP (Japan), MA (Morocco), NZ (New Zealand), RW (Rwanda), KR (Republic of Korea), TH (Thailandia), TN (Tunisia), UY (Uruguay).

For non-leisure travels and other exceptions please visit this page

From July 9th to 31st, all persons who - in the previous 14 days - travelled or transited/stayed in the following countries are not allowed to enter Italy, namely: AM (Armenia), BH (Bahrein), BD (Bangladesh), BR (Brazil), BA (Bosnia-Herzegovina), CL (Chile), KW (Kuwait), MK (Macedonia), MD (Republic of Moldova), OM (Oman), PA (Panama), PE (Peru), DO (Dominican Republic), RS (Serbia), ME (Montenegro), RKS (Republic of Kosovo).


Public Gatherings -> Limited -> Social distancing measures and sanitary restrictions remain in place.

Use of Face Masks Outside -> Limited -> Mandatory outside when not possible to mantain safe distance.

Use of Face Masks Inside -> Mandatory -> Mandatory in public enclosed spaces (including public transport).


Hotels and other accommodation facilities -> Allowed -> Facilities are allowed to resume activities.

Grocery shops, pharmacies & open-air markets -> Open -> Limited entrance of people. Sanitary restrictions apply.

Other commercial street-level shops -> Open -> All of commercial street-level shops are allowed to resume activities. Sanitary restrictions apply.

SUMMER SALES -> Official sales in Milano will be starting from July 25th for 60 days.


Restaurants, Bars, and Pubs -> Open -> Allowed to resume activities. Sanitary restrictions apply.

Factories, industrial production, farms and agri-food -> Open -> Sanitary restrictions apply.


Banks, post-offices and other primary services offices -> Open -> Sanitary restrictions apply.


Local Public Transportation and Taxis -> Limited -> Operating with limited seats. Sanitary restrictions apply.


Airports (details below) -> Operating -> MXP, BGY and LIN are operating. 


Malpensa Terminal 1 (MXP) -> Operating

Malpensa Terminal 2 (MXP) -> Not Operating

For more information on the flight schedules please visit: https://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/flights/flights-info


Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) -> Operating

For more information on the flight schedules please visit: https://www.milanbergamoairport.it/en/real-time-flights/


Linate (LIN) -> Operating

For more information on the flight schedules please visit: https://www.milanolinate-airport.com/en/


Trainlines -> Operating -> Operating with limited number of seats. Sanitary restrictions apply.

For more information regarding train operations at Milano Central Station please visit: https://www.instazione.shop/milano-centrale/timetable


Museums & Public Libraries -> Allowed -> Most of the museums have resumed activities with limited capacity and booking.

Theatres, Cinemas, Concert Halls -> Limited -> Sanitary restrictions and social distancing measures apply.


Sports events and competitions -> Allowed -> Serie A restart on June 20th. Stadiums remain closed to the public.

Sport facilities & Parks -> Limited -> Entrance to the parks is allowed. Gyms & swimming pools reopened on June 1st. Non professional athletes of almost all sports are allowed to practice.