Why Milano is a Safe Place to Study and Live

Facts and figures show that Milano is one of the safest places to study and live.

COVID-19 is a pandemic affecting all countries of the world. It will not be declared “defeated” until it disappears from all corners of the Earth, which will probably happen when a vaccine is developed.

At the time of writing, the disease is still ravaging many nations.

Facts and figures show that Milano is one of the safest places to study and live at present time:

Situation in Lombardy Region

Lombardy, the region of Northern Italy where Milano is located, was taken by surprise from COVID-19; indeed, it was the first area outside China to be hit by COVID-19 on a large scale.

The epidemic, which peaked in March and April, brought dramatic consequences in terms of mortality and morbidity.

The response of the Italian healthcare system was nonetheless swift: most hospitals were rapidly converted into COVID-19 centres to treat the diseased; strict containment measures, including a tight lock-down of more than two months, social distancing and mask wearing, have been enforced since then.

While the battle against SARS-CoV2 is not over, the current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy and in Lombardy is at the level of Countries like Germany, with an infection curve that is currently one of the lowest in the Western Countries

(see: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/covid-19/country-overviews and https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html).

Milano Among the Safest Places to Study and Live

As has been recently pointed out also by the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on the front page of The New York Times, Italy has returned to a “normal” life (Read the full article)  whereas other countries are still struggling to contain the disease to acceptable limits  

Restaurants, bars, theatres, public transportation and airports have reopened, albeit while still enforcing strict rules for preventing spread of the disease. Healthcare authorities have also worked to combat new foci that could develop in the future, a possibility that cannot be excluded for Milan like elsewhere in the world.

New specialized COVID-19 sections have been built in the main Milanese hospitals, with the dual role of allowing the regular functioning of the hospitals on one hand, and treating COVID-19 patients in ad hoc centres on the other.

Thus, while thanks to the enforced prevention measures it is highly improbable that the disease will spread again to an extent similar to that of the initial wave, Milano is equipped with gold-standard medical facilities and can rely upon previous experience in disease containment and treatment.

This makes Milano one of the safest places to study and live at present time.