Work While Studying

International Students in Italy can work Part-time

Italian law recognizes holders of a residence permit for study purposes the possibility to work as an employee (subordinate work), but part-time.

In short, a foreign student can work in Italy provided that:

  • The student works as an employee only (he cannot start a self-employed business);
  • The Student must not exceed the limit of hours required by law, 1,040 hours per year. For example, he can work part-time (20 hours per week) for 12 months. (See Dlgs 31/08/199 art. 14 comma 4);
  • Internships do not count as working hours for the calculations above.

For a student, in order to work more than 1040 hours per year, or to start a self-employment activity, it is necessary to convert the residence permit for study into a permit for subordinate work (if you have a job offer) or self-employment.

To all students who obtain a suitable degree in Italy, and for the young legally residing in Italy when turning 18 years old, the law allows the possibility of converting the residence permit for study reasons to one for working reasons, without waiting for an immigration quotes decree, valid for one year and renewable upon finding a job/starting a business.