After a degree in fashion-design in Utrecht, Yohji van der Aa (class of '87) continues his training in the fashion world living in the great metropolises of Northern Europe, where he collects valuable work experience. After living in Stockholm, London and Berlin he moved to Milano where he started working in the style department of the German fashion brand Jil Sander, famous in the fashion world for having rescheduled the aesthetic codes of minimalism. Among Yohji's passions, besides fashion ça va sans sans dire, there are modern art; although he confesses to us, that in this precise period he has a crush on Renaissance italian paintings.


Edited by  Giada Biaggi.

How is living in Milano?

I really enjoy Milano, it’s such a great city to live. Before, I lived in London and the mentality and the pace was so different. I feel more at ease here. 

Why have you decided to live here?

The reason for me to come here was a job proposal and I always wanted to live in Italy for at least a while. 


Most fashionable quarter in your opinion?

I think for me it is still Brera and Montenapoleone. If you talk about stores. But in general I like the neighborhoods in Milano and the old Milanese style. 


What do you always wear?

That would be my silver small earring and I also wear a ring, I switch in between gold and silver. And two necklaces that I always wear, also a mix of gold and silver. Silver necklace with the gold hanger and vice versa. 


Main difference between Italy and the Neatherlands?

Where to start! Haha. The weather, the people, the food. Italians are quite expressive which I had to get used to a little bit in the beginning but I feel more familiar with them in a way than I might feel with the average Dutch person. 


If Milano was a movie, what kind of film would it be?

I would say Blow up directed by Michelangelo Antonioni; you have always the feeling you are in the spotlight in this city, you know?

What are you learning by working at Jil sander?

Jil Sander is an great place to work. And I am very happy to have been able to work here with even so great people and learning how to deal with each and every single personality.