Currency and payments

The currency currently in circulation is the Euro. To check the daily exchange rates please visit


Currency exchange

Visitors can exchange currency at:

• exchange offices;
• airports;
• hotels;
• banks.



ATMs are located inside or outside banks for withdrawals with ATM cards or credit cards. Some branches in the city centre are also equipped with ATM currency exchange machines. ATM devices usually function 24/7.



As a rule banking opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:00. The afternoon opening hours can vary depending on the individual banks but they are generally between 14:45 and 15:45. Someone branches open all day from 8:00-16:00 and may have special opening hours on Saturdays. Payment by credit card is accepted in most shops, with the exception of a few small grocery stores, craft shops and market stalls. In case of theft or accidental loss of ATM or credit cards please contact your bank immediately by calling the toll-free number 800822056 for ATM cards or the toll-free customer service circuit (Carta Sì – BankAmericard – Mastercard etc ...) in the case of credit cards. If the credit card is also enabled for debit card functions it is necessary to call both toll-free numbers to block both functions! Generally these services are active 24/7. Please note: both circuits have toll-free numbers available that are valid both for calls from Italy and numbers for calls to Italy.


Tax free

At the time of purchase the Italian retailer can directly refund the buyer (resident or domiciled outside the EU) with the VAT included in the sale price of the goods or can provide documentation for a VAT refund at a future date. This tax free advantage is available if the following conditions are met:

• the foreign buyer is a resident or domiciled outside the EU;
• the goods are intended for personal or family use and must be carried in their baggage;
• the total value of goods purchased must be greater than 154.94 euros (VAT included), proof of purchase must be shown with sales invoice which must describe the goods and must include the traveller’ s personal data and details of passport or other equivalent document;
• all items must be transported outside the European Union territory within three months of the end of the month in which they were purchased;
• the invoice must be returned to the Italian trader within four months of the end of the month in which the goods were purchased.

The items purchased and the relevant invoice must be declared to the Customs when exiting the EU. It is worth remembering that the goods must always be shown at the Customs office: if the traveller intends to carry them in hold baggage they must declare them at Customs prior to the check-in. The traveller must return the original invoice, officially endorsed by Customs, to the Italian seller within four months of the end of the month in which the document was issued, thus, concluding the procedure that enables the traveller to benefit from VAT exemption from the very beginning of his journey.