Health insurance


As an EU citizen you are already covered for emergency care in Italy by your national health system. Bring your European Health Insurance Card with you. 
A great number of private international insurances cover non-emergency medical services in Italy. 

You can transfer your national health care coverage upon arrival in Milano bringing the S1 form issued and completed by your home town competent authority, together with the Certificate of Temporary Residence/Certificate of Residence. In this way, you will access the full Italian health services for the period of your stay and be assigned with a general practitioner in Milano.



You must bring to the Italian Embassy or Consulate, when applying for your Student Visa, a proof of internationally valid health insurance coverage, effective at least for the same duration of your stay.
If you do not have existing internationally valid health insurance, a number of private providers offer qualifying coverage for Italy.

You may optionally seek supplemental coverage upon your arrival in Milano. Voluntary subscriptions to the Italian National Health Service (“Servizio Sanitario Nazionale”, aka “SSN”) give access to a general practitioner, specialty visits, hospital and emergency care.

For the latest information about health coverage, benefits and prices, download our student booklet. 

See here updated administrative procedures under the current circumstances