How to get to Milano by bus

It is possible to reach Milano by bus, too, from the rest of Italy and Europe, thanks to the numerous companies offering medium and long length itineraries. Click here for info.


The main bus terminals are: 


  • Lampugnano
    Via Giulio Natta 226 - connection with underground line M1 Lampugnano. Located North of the city, near the San Siro neighbourhood, it consists of 20 bus arrival/departure lanes and one ticket office with a waiting room complete with a bar. Other services are also included.
    Several bus companies arrive at this terminal from the main Italian and foreign cities.
  • San Donato
    Via G. Impastato - connection with underground line M3 San Donato, located South of the city it is a terminal for buses coming to and leaving from Milano, on national and international routes.


Tickets can be purchased on the websites of each company: click here.