Art and Technology of Cinema and Audiovisual*

Art & Design

  • Degree: Undergraduate
  • Language: Italiano

* The Triennial Course is a training course for audiovisual knowledge and trades. It is made up of a first year common to all the courses and a two-year specialization in one of the eight professional courses envisaged by the teaching plan: Direction, Screenplay, Production, Animation, Shooting and Photography, Editing, Sound, Multimedia Realization. In addition to the general and specific training of the individual addresses, the students are organized into working groups (real film and television crews) that produce, in particular during the two-year specialization period, a wide range of productions, in all the most widespread types of audiovisual projects: fiction, entertainment, information, advertising, video clips and video art. The students can thus deal with the typical problems of the real production activity, experimenting with different media (cinema, television, web and multimedia) between short films, short films, documentaries, commercials, shooting of events, mobile direction, installations, video games, audiovisuals for live performances and / or other. Special projects are also planned in collaboration with institutions, festivals and institutions, and interdisciplinary paths with other artistic forms (literature, theater, music and visual arts). Thanks to this intense training and production activity, the School is able to train both from an authorial-artistic and technical-operational point of view.
At the same time, the students - in this constant team work - are urged to confront the continuous technological and language evolutions of the sector, also with a view to transversal media. For this extraordinary productive vitality, the School has the reputation of a place where you 'learn by doing': a unique feature, which differentiates it from other schools in the sector. *This course requires your in-person presence in Milano