Administration and Public Policy (APP)

Political, Economic and Social Sciences

  • Degree: Postgraduate
  • Language: Italiano

The degree programme in Public Administration and Policy produces managers equipped with:

pragmatic understanding of the modes of functioning or malfunctioning of local, national and supranational organisations;
the ability to manage human, financial and technological resources and regulatory restraints in complex organisations;
a complete command of the methodologies adopted for the design, production and evaluation of policies and services;
an in-depth understanding of the standards used in international comparisons;
the technical training required to increase the accountability of public administrations;
the capacity to render this information easily accessible to citizens and their associations, using all the resources made available by the new technologies;
the competences required to promote collaboration between different administrations, from a multi-level governance perspective;
a sound grasp of the organisational conditions required for the development of e-government the capacity to reflect on the responsibilities connected with the use of public resources, also from the standpoint of public ethics.