* Materials Science

Materials Science

  • Degree: Postgraduate
  • Language: English

MSc. Degree in Material Science offered by the Department of Materials Science is a 2-year study program aimed at providing advanced knowledge on chemistry and physics of materials, along with modelling approaches and experimental techniques of materials characterization, with practical applications in experimental laboratories. The students learn about the interpretation and the design of function vs. structure relationships in a wide class of materials, providing an underlying basis for understanding principles, applications and
entrepreneurial aspects of nanotechnology. In order to allow for an individual specialization, the program provides a broad choice of courses on specific classes of materials and their function related structures. Besides technical knowledge, the program also focusses on acquiring competencies related to research skills and scientific communication. Finally, the theoretical knowledge is applied and enhanced through an internship and a Master thesis, which are carried out within a network of collaborations involving research groups and industrial partners. Overall, the program endeavors to create graduates with a multi-disciplinary approach in developing new pathways for innovation, with a specific view to integrate scientific and ethical perspective to the sustainability of processes and technologies in materials science.
DUAL DEGREE OPPORTUNITY: The Master's Degree programme includes student positions within the International programme of Dual MSc Degree in Sustainable Materials (SUMA MSc Degree).